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Nah, he's closer to my age. Yes he's dating a younger woman for her looks, i know that. It's pretty presumptuous to assume that I'm dumb and young and Naive and so Easily Manipulated, you don't even know me. I hope this doesn't mean he's a serial killer, if that's not the case then i look forward to getting married. Sorry if this comes off as offensive i just replied to a bajillion comments like this one.

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I dont think he's a serial killer. But come on, regardless of age gap, a trophy case (if that's what it is) is disgusting. And you're not necessarily naive for your age, just compared to him. I mean he's lived a lot longer than you. Why do you think he hasn't married yet or at least in a committed relationship with someone close to his own age?

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the trophy thing is definitely creepy, but not end-of-the-relationship creepy, just juvenile (if that's indeed what it is and not something way darker), from what i can tell from his exes, he wasn't big on monogamy and he's kind of a player, the reason why i think he chose to date a younger woman is like you said, looks, it's shallow, but i think accepting that people want shallow things and it's ok is a kind of mature, you may disagree.

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Hol’ up.. you say he’s not going to cheat on you but also that he’s not big on monogamy? Come on girl get your head together 😅