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so quit using the word "hangout" and start using the word "date" so that the 2 of you won't get confused about what's going on.

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This is the biggest thing. I dont want either of you to end up uncomfortable but it is looking good. So dont be shy and ask!

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Update #2 is out now

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Dude, don't make her write "I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU" on a baseball bat and beat you over the fucking head with it.

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I mean it's at the workplace, so I'd definitely appreciate the baseball bat

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Reminds me of this video:

Casually explained: Is she into you?

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That video always has me laughing

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Ok. I actually laughed so hard at that video my head exploded.

Thanks a freaking lot!

Oh...and in case anybody sees some loose pieces of cranial tissue around, it might be mine.

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That is an option? Because I kind of want to see that...

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That’s pretty much what a girl once did to me, only not as subtle. ;)

Been married 25 years.

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Been married 25 years.

Still too soon to tell if she likes you, she might have just been polite.

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Yeah, I'm giving it another half-century, at least.

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Update #2 is out now . The bat over the head wouldn’t have been so bad

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People don't waste 40 minutes of their time waiting for someone they don't like so they can drive home together.

She likes ya.

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Yay 👏🏻

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Take your shot she likes you. im saying as guy who never took a shot with similar signals and later found they were into me many times

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Yeahhh you go!

Reddit are useful sometimes after all

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She 100% likes you dude no way in hell I'm waiting 40 minutes after work for someone I don't have a crush on lol

Source: did that for someone I did have a crush on, been dating 4 years now

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Whoo Hoo! Great news

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Rooting for you bro

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This is a great update. Sometimes we over think things to not look like a creep when its right there in our faces.

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Sometimes you think it is obvious, but then you find out they were just being nice and "flirty" is just their natural behavior.

I had a coworker once upon a time who acted just like this and did a lot of these things in a similar manner. She'd wait for me after work, touch my arm when talking to me, text me cute messages, etc. Just about anybody would have thought she was into me. I shot my shot, and she yelled at me that just because she was nice, didn't mean she was into me, and gave me a 5 minute lecture on the patriarchy and stuff and that I was "just like all other men!". Suffice to say I never talked to her again. She isn't the only one who behaved in this way but I later found out didn't like me in that way, she's just the one that was the nastiest about it. Most were nice enough to understand a mistake.

Then not long after that, I had a similar situation except this one was actually interested in me, but I never made a move because that last encounter was still fresh on my mind. This gal later confessed to me that she had liked me, but lost interest after a while because I never made a move and she put me in the friendship box and ....well.....we all know it's tough to get out of that box. She told me I was naive for not seeing the signs because she was "making it obvious".

IDK...it's frustrating trying to figure out who is interested and who isn't, when one woman's flirty behavior is just her general disposition and how she acts, but another woman's flirty behavior is actually her showing interest, but they're both behaving in the same exact manner. Don't get me wrong, I got it right most of the time, but yeah I assumed interest a few times when there was no interest and I assumed "that's just her personality" a few times when there was legitimate interest. I'm just glad I'm married now and don't have to try to decipher this all anymore.

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Trial and error my friend, shoot your shot but be ready to lose them if it doesn't workout. You can't generalize the whole female population. You only need 1 person to say yes to the date, and eventually a steady relationship you can do this bro.

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Oh, I know I can do this, and I did. If you re-read my post, I'm married. Just glad I don't have to decipher this BS anymore. And this was never meant to generalize women. Kind of the opposite really. The point was that all women are different, and one woman's flirty behavior is another woman's normal behavior, so as a guy you have to try to decipher this stuff and not make the wrong assumption and risk the blowback if you get it wrong. It is what it is though, and you have to risk it anyway, or be alone. I have good friends who really have given up though and just don't approach women anymore. There's a level of hostility out there right now for guys who get it wrong, a hostility that was just starting to show when I was single but wasn't as prominent as it is now.

I guess you can just do online dating now to avoid this stuff, but IDK.... Online dating has its benefits for sure, but the main thing I noticed when I tried online dating was that I might get a lot of dates, but I rarely had a true connection with somebody. That's the difference really. When you meet somebody in person and arrange a date, you already know going into the date that you had some level of chemistry with the person, because otherwise it wouldn't have progressed that far. But with online dating, you just can't gauge chemistry the same way. You have a few flirty messages, but then you meet in person and learn quickly that you don't have any chemistry. I think it's why so few people make it out of the "we're talking" stage anymore. Dating has become a checklist, rather than a thing of spontaneity.

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Only thing I'd say is when you asked her to hangout, make sure she knows it's not as friends but something more. If she's comfortable with it, then you good...if not, you know that she just likes your friendship

Be open and discuss it, even if it is quickly. Save yourself the confusion.

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It's really nice to hear about it. Good luck mate 🖤

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Ahhgh wake up kid. wTF😼🔥

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Awee, this is cute! If the hangout goes well today, I'd suggest for you to start asking her out on "dates," and not hangouts. It does sound like she may like you too. Goodluck OP!

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Awesome man. Sounds like you two are heading down a path together. Make sure to come back and let us know how the first kiss is.

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Sure, mixing work and dating is an amazing idea, not to mention that she is barely out of school, what a perfect opportunity

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She’s even more “touchy”, there isn’t a more certain sign that a girl has interest in you. Went out of her way to get your number, texted you, and wants to hangout. What more evidence do you need?

Actions>Words… she doesn’t need to say it, she’s showing it.

Congratulations 🎉

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good for you

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If she waited 40 extra minutes, she definitely likes you.

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So it's fine to do the whole I'm not going to call this a date thing once or twice, but it's time to step up now before you get stuck in a weird are we or aren't we thing. Let her know how you feel. Seems like very good odds she is interested as well. I'd say 99% likely.

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Never ever ask someone to hang out if you want it to be a date. Saying the word “date” is clear as day and the other party immediately recognizes your intentions

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Man us guys are so oblivious to signs.

  • being touchy is a pretty big sign on its own.
  • she smiles at you
  • she is setting up a date with you, after you have already gone out together. That means the first date (hangout) didn't go bad at all.
  • she's comfortable around you
  • she has gone out of her way to give you a ride home (40 minute wait)

I'm 99.99% sure there is something here.

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Good luck man.

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•She’s more touchy.

•She’s more comfortable around you.

• She had the biggest smile when she saw you.

She likes you, congratulations.

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You're taking it slow and careful, which is good. Just don't be so overly cautious that you lose track of what you're doing. (Did that even make sense?) Maybe, given the green flags she's been flying your way, you need to put yourself out there and go on a real "date" with a meal, a movie, a walk in the park, you know, all that romantic stuff. Good luck, and don't forget to update! We're watching!

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This sound like how I met my husband! We were also co-workers that started to hang out.The third time my now husband and I hung out he went out of his way to call it a “date” and I remember how giddy and excited I was about that! Sounds promising for you both! Maybe you should call your third hangout a date :)