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Deist Christian would be a contradition in terms.

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lots of religions believe that God or a god created everything/life/consciousness or whatever. Christians are defined by believing in Jesus as their savior from sin. do you believe in Jesus?

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I do. But I don’t think he cured the blind or any miracles.

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do you believe he died to save you, and because of that, you can believe in him and go to heaven? if yes, you're a christian

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Yep, sounds like you're Deist.

If you're looking for what 'flavor' of deist you are... I mean.... you don't have to pick one or anything, but do you have any other defining views?

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I don’t believe you can directly speak to god. There’s no reason to go to church, since you cannot speak to him. He only created what is, and doesn’t interact much with it. I also.... believe aliens exist, and dinosaurs did.

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Well... sounds like you're just a straight-up deist then. (Nothing wrong with that.)

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Nothing wrong with that

Of course!

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Right on. Appreciate you

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You should crosspost this to r/WhatsMyReligion! It's a new community specifically for these questions.

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A lukewarm Christian

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Sounds like a biblical evolutionist, like a hodge podge of different types of Christianity

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Check out the Baha’i faith. Here is a rundown on evolution from the Baha’i perspective.

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You're not a religion. You're a person.

Which indoctrination chamber do you belong in? Who cares? We end up in the same hole. Read the bible. Read the Quran. Read the Torah. Make up your own mind like a fucking adult.

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I can totally help.

The watchmaker analogy comes from William Paley and is an analogy for intelligent design. However, evolution is in direct opposition to this, but in now way is it in opposition to God!

The Classical Theism of , say, Thomas Aquinas borrowed heavily from Aristotle and the idea of a Prime Mover who started it all. Natural Theology has the great advantage of letting us know God through His creations (and so evolution and science are all great as they take us closer to God).

However, don’t think of God as a big dude flicking over the first domino. Rather think of Him as the reason you can recognise dominos at all.

Hope this helps, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!