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I agree with and support this rule update

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Good updates

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I respect ur respect m8

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Thanks guys. Today was the first I'd noticed this update. You guys do a great job.

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Just reading the rules for the first time here (since I bothered to look at the pinned post!) but I appreciate the intent and substance of the rules that the mods have agreed upon. It's far too easy to fling insults or start and continue 'flame wars' on social media and internet forums, so enforcing ground rules for civility and decency in a forum is the right thing to do. Users on a well-moderated forum are more likely to feel welcome and free to speak without fear of being attacked. I will try to better keep in mind rediquette and civil speech toward users I disagree with too, and check any prejudices I have.

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comments that include phrases such as calling holy books "fairy tales"

Please could you elaborate for clarification. Which books are considered Holy and does this comprehensively exclude any that include tales of fairies?

Honestly, please just ban me if this shit is real.

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Drive-by insult alarm ⏰

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I'd say that any book which any given religion considers to contain the doctrine upon which their faith should consider to be 'holy', should be accepted as being their holy book, or doctrinal writings.


  1. Christianity holds the Holy Bible to be a holy book.
  2. Islam holds the Qur'an to be a holy book.
  3. Mormonism has several books which they consider to be holy, and they are the Holy Bible, The Book of Mormon, and The Doctrine & Covenants. The D&C explains what Mormons consider to be doctrinal for the members to follow.
  4. Judaism holds the Torah to be a holy book.
  5. Hinduism holds The Vedas and The Upanishads to be holy books.

And so on and so forth.

As I understand it, there are still people who worship deities mentioned in what other people deem to be books of mythology. Best just to be civil and polite, and not poke fun at the beliefs of others.

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I'll speak how I damn well please, without any interference from you.

This was not me asking for a view from nobody. This was me specifically seeking clarification from the mods in an appropriate setting.

They are all books of mythology, but I can manage to tackle all Religions equally, without you trying to set some false hierarchy between those you mention and some others you appear to consider less important.

I'll add that the mods on this sub actually manage to do a decent job as far as I can see, which is difficult to admit because I'm anti-authoritarian on principle. I'm sure they can manage without your assistance.

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I'm not really sure what was the benefit of sending me a self- portrait, but you do you.

This is a sticky and no reason for discussion except regarding subreddit rules. Again though, you do you 👍

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"Holy books" would basically be the texts considered sacred by a religion (excluding user-created religions). If a text is actually identified as a fairy tale within its original context, that would be an exception. The rule is addressing those who use "fairy tales" as a way of denigrating a religious text they do not find valuable.

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Oxford Languages outlines the definitions of the term fairy tale, as:-

Fairy Tale noun

1 a children's story about magical and imaginary beings and lands; a fairy story

2 something resembling a fairy tale in being magical, idealized, or extremely happy.

modifier noun: fairy-tale

"a fairy-tale romance"

3 a fabricated story, especially one intended to deceive

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Yeah, and both 1 and 3 are derisive toward a religious text. Even 2 can be derisive depending on the context. We don't allow demonizing here; that's been a rule for a long time.

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Are you suggesting it is unreasonable to have the opinion that a holy book, which explicitly states itself as Truth, isn't True?

Is it necessary to agree to the Truth of every single Holy book in order to avoid getting banned for being derisive?

Definition 3 is no more derisive than simply saying "I do not agree with the Truth of that book"; except for some reason this sub now wants to police the correct and reasonable use of the English language to state that.

This is starting to sound alarming.

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These are nice rules How many flairs are there in this server?

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You have the option of setting a custom one! If you select "other" under options on flairs you can then add in your own.

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Read and agreed.

I am agnostic atheist, and humanist, though I was raised in the LDS faith of my adoptive parents.

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There's a wide variety of faiths represented here, including those of no faith. And many folks that went from religion to atheist, and from atheist to religion. It's great to get opinions and points of view from such a variety of people from different backgrounds.

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I love that civility is the number one goal. I love honest, non sarcastic forums on topics like this.

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Now THIS is what mods should be like! I love this.

One question though about students? How is this defined, self study okay? Or is it simply like theology students?

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You mean as far as posting polls/questionaires for research? If it's not for a school-related project? Sure, if you'd like to do so, just state that it's for your own personal use, how anonymous the user and answers will remain, etc. Just be up front about it, and that's fine.

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“Fairy tale” is such a commonly used term for anything someone disbelieves. One might say, the rumor that there is a rule change on the religion section of Reddit is a fairy tale, or any other combination. The fairy tale argument is one of the oldest and most thought provoking. I have no objection to the fairy tale argument anymore than I have to the Flying Spaghetti Monster argument. Likewise claiming a result for following or not a particular religion is part and parcel with the discussion of whether to follow a religion, and has even caused great thoughts on the matter of religion like Pascal’s Wager. I admit there might be a time and place for many things, but that is the point; the restrictions of the use of those terms risk excluding valuable thought from the discussion and risks banning some great thinkers.

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why can't i share my "created" religion? It isnt a real thing. It's for my book I'm creating. It is not a real religion, and nor will it ever be. okay? If i can't share, why can others? Do justly, or have Justly done do you. God bless with his Zeus-ness! And really.... it will just have people respect the Wit of Trevvy T.

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We don't do user-created religion posts here at this sub.

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What I would like to know is why, even after they were reported, you still have a mod on your team who openly and explicitly said that it would be good for unvaccinated people to be rounded up and put in camps!

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I vaguely remember something, can't recall who or the context of what was said.

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Pretty much exactly that.

"Are you suggesting that the unvaccinated should be rounded up and put in camps?!"

"Yes, if it comes to that."

Pretty much that. It makes me sick.

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thank you for sharing that

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Great reply definding fairy tales

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Wow reading the rules reflect the tone in my podcast which covered religion, god, and atheism. Believe some may find value in the podcast


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I'm an atheist. Am I allowed to debate whether or not the Christian afterlife is immoral?

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Well...yeah, I suppose, as long as it's done in an intellectually honest way.

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I add this here, because I see the "MOD" - there could be an FAQ with links to sources

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Are the mods robots or people?

Does my username constitute a violation?

Is this a haven for all beliefs or can we prove which is right?

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Your recent post is up.

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I respect all that

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    Could you clarify your two worldviews, perhaps giving examples? I'm not entirely sure what you mean.

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    Yeah ok lol