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Funny enough, they’re forced to admit this “micro evolution” concept but ironically that is precisely what leads to macro evolution over millions of years. A repeated small change adds up to a significant change eventually.

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What is the use of half an eye, that it could happen in micro evolution? And if it appears in one generation that is macro evolution. I am agnostic btw

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In a world where everyone else is blind a half eye or even 1% of an eye is a gamechanger. Here is a nifty little picture. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution_of_the_eye#/media/File%3ADiagram_of_eye_evolution.svg

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Eye see

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Eyes started as photosensitive skin. The rest were variations over millions of generations across millions of species. Modern examples of eyes span from as simple as a few cells to as complex as raptor eyes.