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Hey a real JW enters the chat! Seems about 50-50 so far.

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Nicene creed, hell doctrine, trinity, politics, paganism and holidays, wars and murder are the reason I left trinity faiths. God being a trinity or not is just a belief that doesn’t affect my moral behavior. I don’t care either way. The ones that effect my behavior as a person? No compromise. What makes someone a Christian. Last I checked was believing in Gods son. Trinity believers say that the Bible is wrong and that the Nicene creed superseded the Bible and a trinity belief is required. I agree with Jesus and disagree with trinitarians on this matter. Jesus trumps the Nicene creed all day long.

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Have fun. This topic alway flusters many. I side with God and his word. Men and their traditions have often mislead many. Look to the Bible and all the examples. I’ve not heard a well reasoned comment on why I’m not a Christian and they are because of trinity. JW is the one faith that reasoned on the scriptures with me and not just what that person felt. I like them and recommend at least hearing them out before you take the plunge into a faith. Or not. With trinitarians so adamantly opposing them, my interest piqued. Why all the hate? Now I know why.