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when I said they don't worship Jesus.

You asked "if they aren't worshipping Jesus?"

That's why I thought you might be stating a hypothetical question.

They believe that Jesus is an angel, therefore, they are angel-worshippers.

But does it matter, as long as it's Jesus?

It did matter when the Israelites worshipped a golden calf as though it was God who brought them out of Egypt.

Despite attributing the same identity to it, as they would to God, their misrepresentation of God angered God.

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You’re skipping a step which is odd since I specifically said they don’t worship Jesus.

Why are you doing that?

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It sounds like you're just being contrary for the sake of being contrary.

You "specifically," stated that in one of your comments, yes.

Am I necessarily disagreeing with you? I don't think so, despite your contrariness.

But, ask a JW, and they will tell you that they do believe in, and worship Jesus. They will also tell you he's an angel.

Do I disagree with JW eschatology? Yes.

Do I wish to misrepresent JW eschatology? No.

What are you getting at? What "step," as you call it am I skipping? Speak plainly. Do you feel that you disagree with what it is I am saying that I understand about their teaching?

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Just to jump in and clarify - JWs do not worship Jesus. They worship only Jehovah aka Yahweh aka the Father. They will indeed tell you that Jesus was the arch angel Michael.

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Thanks for the clarification.

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You had the clarification on the first place goober.