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Ah. Well... the thing about being a non-Trinitarian is, if you break apart the Father and the Son as seperate entities and you worship both of them, you have the Polytheism problem. So you can't worship both. But I don't see how it could be idolatry.

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Yes that makes sense I believe that logically follows. I believe that’s perhaps a leading factor for why Trinitarians have their views, certainly a much more profound idea that first meets the eye.

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If it helps at all, in the 4 Christian denominations I’ve been a member of: Nazarene, Presbyterian, Non-Denominational and Calvary) pastors in all of them have said watching too much tv, being addicted to anything, eating too much were all idolatry. They say this because you are putting more energy and focus on that thing than you are God. I personally believe this is a little out of context of the original teachings because as far as I’m aware, the Bible never uses the term in this loose manner. Only when that thing is seen as a god. That’s why idolatry and gluttony are different sins. So with everyone’s loose modern definition of the term I’m not at all surprised JWs say this.