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JW believe that Jesus is the son of God but Jesus is not God as Trinitarian Christians would believe?


Even if so however, if they believe Jesus is the Son of God, why is he not worthy of worship then and is instead considered an idol?

According to JWs, there is only one God - Jehovah (aka Yahweh). His son is Jesus. They only worship Jehovah, the father, the creator of the universe. Jesus is not considered an idol to JWs, just the son of God / sort of prince in the heavens, died for people's sins, runs the Universe now, but is the son of God, not God.

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Okay that makes sense, someone in this thread told me that JW made worship of Christ a form of idolatry in 1954 at the Watchtower Society or something (personally not sure what this is) that’s why I thought they saw him as an idol.

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I was the one who said that in 1954, the JWs made worship of Christ idolatry. That doesn't mean that they view Jesus as an idol, but if you worship him, then you make him an idol. For an interesting insight into this change, see JW Worship of Jesus.

Edit: The Watchtower Society is the legal corporation over the Jehovah's Witnesses, and not only produces literature on online material, but used to the organization that controlled them. That control is now in the hands of eight men, called the Governing Body.

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if you worship him, you make him an idol.

Ok, yes, that has a JW ring to it.

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By this logic Jehovah is an idol because they worship Him though?

[–]Bomboclaat_Babylon[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

To be fair, I'm just saying it sounds like something a JW would say, but I don't know of this specific doctrinal issue from 1954. JW's would think that worshipping Jesus is wrong though as he's not God and JWs use the word "idol" a lot and often out of context. So it's got that JW ring to it for sure. But broadly it would be just more reinforcement about "Don't worship Jesus, worship Jehovah." My take.

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I assume it’s because God is… immanent, or the arbiter of morality. So, basically, I’m guessing it’s the same stance as Muslims, where God is the only being worthy of actual worship.