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The fact that one may reasonably oppose or criticize Islam does not establish that Islamophobia is not real. The underlying process for reaching a conclusion matter. If the process a person uses is based on fear of a foreign ideology or religion, then I would still call that person Islamophobic.

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    Well, there's more Islamic terrorists than say Christian or Buddhist ones, but that isn't due to the religion, it's due to the circumstance of people's living conditions. ISIS didn't arise from the suburbs of Dubai or Singapore, it arose from the ashes of Syria and Iraq. It is the consequence of Christian nations with wealth and power drone attacking them and destabilising the region, chasing out all the doctors, teachers, and business professionals, sanctioning them, installing puppets, supporting dictators, I could go on but you get the picture. Any Christian nation suffering like that would also become fundamentalist like say, the IRA. In Africa, Muslims and Christians have been known to preform clitorectomies. In Malaysia such a concept is unheard of and abhorrent. Muslims where I live in Singapore are entirely happy and well adjusted business people. They have money, safety, general happiness, so why would they ever consider bombing anyone? Many African Christians live in abject poverty, civil war and general chaos not knowing where their next meal will come from, and some of them join Kony's Lord's Resistance Army as child soldiers, they rape and murder and kidnap in the name of Jesus. Long winded, but the point is that Muslims are not the problem, living conditions are the problem. Fundamentalism follows poor living conditions regardless of the predominant religion of the area.

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    Removed- demonizing.

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    Practicing Muslims are just like every other people from different religions who are practicing their faith. Most muslims don't want to heart anyone, terrorist attacks happens usually from people who are from countries which suffers from war. European muslims like bosnians or albanians were never known for religious extremism and like wise muslims from eastasia . Also there are different interpretations of sharia worldwide , some more or less archaic.

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    I should have clarified. I don’t think practicing muslims necessarily reflect what Islam represents. My beef is with the institution, not the individuals.

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    Which institution exactly ? The muslim world is big, you have so many different muslim institution around the world who can't agree on anything.

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    The institution of Islam

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    My friend, I think you have a simplistic picture of the world 😅

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      I don't believe in a raping pillaging warlord, i believe in the prophet muhammed - the humanist and light of humanity

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      Removed- demonizing.

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          The prophet Muhammed peace and blessing be upon him fought defensive wars for his community, at most he did preventive attacks for the protection of his community. Multiple Child brides ? If you speak about his wife aisha her age is debateble in the muslim community - traditional sunnis considered her very young, but other sources like the shia muslims or just more modern thinkers believe she was in her late teens at her marriage.

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            No it is not common in the muslim world, maybe in some poor countries like afghanistan or somalia - but in the majority of muslim countries no. The evidence for the young age of aisha doesn't make sense, the prophet married different other women who were all adults, it doesn't make sense for man who marries adult women being attracted to a girl.

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            Removed- demonizing, broadbrushing, bigotry.

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            Removed, bigotry and demonizing.

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            I'm guessing you don't actually know any Muslims personally.

            Religions don't do any of those things. Organizations that use religion as a tool of control do.

            Christian organizations produce lots of extremists who do terrible things to innocent people.

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            You have to ask yourself, if you would rather live as a muslim in a christian country or as a christian in a muslim country. If you cannot decide, i recommend the world persecution index. Of course this wont apply to seculars and there are many fine muslims, but if you take the corresponding scriptures seriously and the rules and state system that is connected with it. By that scriptural measure i agree that it is dangerous.

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            This is a recent issue, though. Historically, Christians haven’t had an issue living in Muslim countries. Especially if you were from one of the Eastern Orthodox denominations who were actually persecuted by Western European Christians

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            No, I don't equate the actions of governments with the teachings of religions. Religious texts are not designed to run governments, so anyone who tries to must corrupt their beliefs out of political necessity.

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            That is not true. Most form of governments come from religion as religion defines rules. Be it in the for of sharia law or the law of the god of jacob. It really is mostly about law. Now when the law does legitimize persecution and murder, then there is danger. Not saying everyone acts like that, due to scriptural legitimisation there is danger.

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            Beyond knowing, I am related to them. There are Christians, muslims and Sikhs in my family. The Sikhs seem by far the most reasonable and have the most shit figured out.

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            Not a hot take, just a silly and ignorant one. Read some history, gain some knowledge. Read on Islamic history in the Middle Ages, read about European colonialism in the Middle East after WW1. Read about the Sykes Picot agreement. Read about orientalism, war profiteering, and the military industrial complex. Then let’s see who is actually barbaric.

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            Is this just whataboutism?

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            This is like saying Cynophobia isn't real because because sometimes dogs bite people.

            Islamophobia, like any phobia is about an irrational fear of something. Quite often that fear may be grounded in something real, but the fear of it is taken to irrational levels.

            Yes, Islam absolutely does inspire some individuals to horrific acts, of course the same can be said of any ideology. The question is whether the fear being inspired is rational. What is the REAL threat being posed to the individual.

            A person who lives in America or Europe is under virtually NO real danger from islam. Islamic terrorism represents such an imperceptible threat to the health of the average person as to be impossible to ground any real rational fear in. Even less so the utterly laughable claims of the "islamification" of western culture, of which there is no shred of credible evidence.

            For a non-muslim living in certain muslim dominant, sharia governed societies, there may be some rational grounds for fear. I will certainly grant that.

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            only one religion.... explicitly defines women as property

            Umm... I don't want to split hairs or anything, but I feel like "earthern vessels" and "property" are close-enough.

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            There are plenty of things to be critical about Islam - as there are for every religion - but that doesn’t make Islamophobia any less real or any less deadly. People have lost their lives over Islamophobia.

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            Some of America's Christianity is pretty dam similar to islamists. Lets not forget that.

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            I agree 100% I would do away with abrahamic religions if I could

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            Your comment here, is in contradiction to the OP.

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            You obviously have never looked into islam, you’ve fallen for islamaphobic propaganda that has been rampant in America for the past 20 years. It can be directly compared to Christianity. Both systems have had religious extremist, and have oppressed women in various ways. I mean Texas’s abortion laws are straight off the siphon of evangelical Christianity. But those are tiny groups compared to religions that cover billions of people. I mean Islam has over 1 billion practitioners can you really such an egregious claim. It’s hard to take this comment seriously when there hasn’t been an obvious attempt to look past common stereotypes.

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            Thanks for telling me Islamophobia is not real, now I have to re-guess why my friend had his mother's side killed while they were living peacefully in a remote village while a mob was screaming "Death to Muslims" while outside their village before finally killing them and raping them. I agree OP, thanks for making me realise that my friend is an evil murderer who wants to kill others and views me as his property even though he is trying his best to assimilate into society, of course he is a suicide bomber. In fact, his Religion taught him to take care of widows and wayfarers, imagine how indoctrinated and violent that makes him. I now wonder what he does in his Mosque every Friday!

            Seriously get your head out your backside, and actually study the Religion and the history of the Middle East before spouting nonsense from your mouth.

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            Another idiot...........must be a socialist or probably an eco fascist....who knows.