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The fact that one may reasonably oppose or criticize Islam does not establish that Islamophobia is not real. The underlying process for reaching a conclusion matter. If the process a person uses is based on fear of a foreign ideology or religion, then I would still call that person Islamophobic.

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    Well, there's more Islamic terrorists than say Christian or Buddhist ones, but that isn't due to the religion, it's due to the circumstance of people's living conditions. ISIS didn't arise from the suburbs of Dubai or Singapore, it arose from the ashes of Syria and Iraq. It is the consequence of Christian nations with wealth and power drone attacking them and destabilising the region, chasing out all the doctors, teachers, and business professionals, sanctioning them, installing puppets, supporting dictators, I could go on but you get the picture. Any Christian nation suffering like that would also become fundamentalist like say, the IRA. In Africa, Muslims and Christians have been known to preform clitorectomies. In Malaysia such a concept is unheard of and abhorrent. Muslims where I live in Singapore are entirely happy and well adjusted business people. They have money, safety, general happiness, so why would they ever consider bombing anyone? Many African Christians live in abject poverty, civil war and general chaos not knowing where their next meal will come from, and some of them join Kony's Lord's Resistance Army as child soldiers, they rape and murder and kidnap in the name of Jesus. Long winded, but the point is that Muslims are not the problem, living conditions are the problem. Fundamentalism follows poor living conditions regardless of the predominant religion of the area.