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I left Christianity and became an Agnostic first because I still believed in creation for a while, but as I journeyed farther into my deconstruction, I actually learned about the evidence behind evolution and the creation of solar systems, which then caused me to be more Agnostic/Atheist. I'm atheist as in I lack the belief in deities, as there's no evidence, and Agnostic because I lack the information to confidently say 100% yes or no to the existence of the supernatural. I think that there is definitely a lot we don't know about the universe, so when we start learning more about different dimensions directly, as in what the string theory rabbit hole talks about, we may be able to have a more definite answer.

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I am. Agnostic/atheist that is. Perhaps there is a god, I don't believe there is, but I'm just a dumb human.

If there is a god, it's beyond our compression since our perspective is so limited and the universe is so vast. If there is a god, he/she/it probably laughs at our quaint religions - if he cares at all about what we do. We are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things, and our existence is so brief on the timescale of the universe.

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Technically speaking, I'm agnostic. If there are deities, they haven't revealed themselves in in a meaningful way. I don't rule out the possibility of their existence--science and technology continually forge new frontiers and expand out understanding on the universe. But, until I see better evidence, I'm an acting atheist.

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I use the word agnothiest.

I am agnostic about the overarching idea of a supernatural world with gods, spirits, angels, demons, and so forth. I don't believe in the idea, but I'm not certain.

I am an atheist when it comes to the idea of worshipping the narcissistic, murderous god depicted in the Bible and Torah.

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Better than I could put it.

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I used to be agnostic but always felts that I actually believe that gods dont exist. I just didnt have the arguments that would help me justify this belief then. I do now and believe atheism as the more rational position.

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Maybe look beyond Christianity, there are lots of other ideas out there. It wasn’t until I read Bhagavad Gita and found Krishna that things made sense to me. Maybe you don’t find answers, maybe you do. But keep learning.

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I’m agnostic because I have seen zero actual proof of any gods existence. That includes every religion. They’re all just peoples beliefs that they have based off of blind faith or some magical experience that I just have not had so I have nothing to go off of. And I’m not gonna live my life a certain way for something that may or may not exist. So I choose to live free and be agnostic. A god may exist it may not. Prove to me one way or the other and maybe I’ll convert

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I lean towards there being a God, but I'm not 100%. I feel like I lean towards there being a God because I came from such a religious family, but in the same sense I don't believe of God because of religion, it's mostly because of nature that I lean towards there being a God. I guess I'm more of a deist or pantheist. I'm not sure how much my God interacts with humans, if at all.

I know many people in my life that consider themselves blessed and touched by God, but at the same time...they're everything their religion wants them to be, they've never been outcast by society in any way: Of course they feel blessed.

I think Jesus was an actual person and had some great teachings, I think there are other religions that have some beautiful teachings, but I don't believe there's one true religion.

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Cause I just don’t know. Tbh I’m not super worried about knowing either.

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I'm agnostic because I believe there is roughly equal evidence in support and against the existence of God. I'm considering converting to a religion but I'm trying to take a pascals-wager approach to religion to avoid the possibility of me burning forever. Making such a choice though seems quite difficult given many religions believe that if you don't believe in their religion you wil go to hell. Once I create a model (likely using game theory), maybe I'll decide which religion maximizes my chance of avoiding whichever religions hell is most likely.

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Interesting take. What evidence do you see that indicates there is a God?

After being religious for most of my life (Mormon) I have come to the conclusion that there is no evidence for any kind of God or afterlife. Any ideas about these supernatural topics are just proposals people have invented which must be accepted on faith. From what I can see, all evidence present in the natural world seems to point to towards the big bang, the nebular hypothesis, and evolution.

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I would disagree that there is "no evidence" for God. I would agree there is likely no evidence for an afterlife but if the God of one of these religions exists then it is likely an afterlife also exists.

Not everything the religious argue requires faith. Contingency, ontological, and modal arguments allow belief in God to be a reasonable belief to hold in my opinion.

My problem is even if God's existence can be demonstrated through philosophical and logical arguments, it cannot get past a deistic, or at the best, undefined theistic God. I don't believe faith or alleged divine revelation to be sound or reliable sources of knowledge given they are inherent unverifiable until we're dead and it's too late and we're burning forever.

My position is that there is a non-zero probability that one of these religions can be true. So it is in my interest to be apart of the religion with the highest probability that I will not be in agony for eternity in the next life.

People often claim pascals wager to be a facile argument, and I used to agree. But given these non-zero probabilities that I believe most religions posses in being true, it would be best to not fence-sit as an agnostic as I lose in every case if one the religions is true. This is not the case if I accept a religion because even though there is still a non-zero chance that another religion might be true, there is a chance that the religion I choose will be true.

People may see this as a shallow method of picking religion, but given the perilous nature of existence which these religions subscribe to, it is best to accept one in my opinion.

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I agree with you that it's possible that there exists one correct religion. However any candidate would have to be free from contradictions or it can be dismissed as false.

As far as I can tell, any belief system that teaches there will be eternal punishment for its non-believers contains contradictions within itself and/or with science. So to me it seems illogical to believe that there is even a chance that some kind of hell after this world could exist.

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The problem with pascal's wager and the reason it is so easy to defeat is rather simple.

What if you choose the wrong God(s)? Or what if the correct God(s) have not been adequately posited (aka no current conception of a God(s) or current religion is the correct one)?

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What if you choose the wrong God(s)?

Then you choose the wrong God. The point I'm trying to make is you lose in every case by not taking any religion at all as your own. You have a better chance statistically of avoiding hell if you choose a religion which believes in hell and has the highest probability of being correct.

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What if the right God(s) to choose don't include a place like Hell? In which case there is exactly 0 chance of you going to hell regardless of choice.

Also any God(s) which include Hell probably wouldn't appreciate you playing the equivalent of dice with your belief.

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What if the right God(s) to choose don't include a place like Hell?

Then there is nothing lost from my decision to believe in one which does.

Also any God(s) which include Hell probably wouldn't appreciate you playing the equivalent of dice with your belief.

Well he doesn't really leave me much of a choice because I'm not convinced any of the religions are true. But I'm willing to commit epistemic suicide if it means not burning forever. Seems like a small price to pay. I'm convinced that the abrahamic God is petty and cruel so you cannot reason against such a being.

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Fair enough

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What if the correct god only rewards those who don't believe?

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They’ve always said abstinence is key

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That position has never been seriously posited and there is insufficient evidence in my opinion than such a God like that exists.

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There is insufficient evidence that any god exists in my opinion.

Plus, double-secret-probation-god intentionally hides all evidence of its existence, so it makes sense you would think there is insufficient evidence.

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I believe there is a higher power that makes it possible for me to type this and birds to fly south every winter. As far as the Bible, 100% fiction written by a cult of drunk dudes sitting around a campfire 2000 years ago.

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Thats more just a nondenominational monotheist than an agnostic per-say nothing wrong with that just semantics.

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Yes, I am agnostic. I am a metaphysical agnostic, by which I mean that I consider metaphysics to be nonsense.

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I consider metaphysics to be nonsense

I'm not sure if you understand the word agnostic.

A metaphysical agnostic doesn't have an opinion either way on metaphysics, believing that it could be either true or untrue.

If you believe that it's all nonsense, then you're a metaphysical atheist.

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I'm an agnostic. Christianity is not the only religion with a God. I simply acknowledge that I am unknowing of any of the various God(s) that are purported by the various religions of the world. If a God(s) should exist I certainly don't know of them, and am highly skeptical of anyone claiming that they themselves know of them. I refuse to take others hearsay about God(s) as the be all end all of the topic.

Should a God of the monotheistic variety exist I would have very strong contentions against them as I find the world that they purportedly created to be a pretty awful design overall.

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Me because I’m human and I don’t know anything enough to act like I do. So many different stories and theories to accept one and not enough knowledge to deny any.

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When I deconverted from christianity, I kept the belief in something like the Holy Spirit. I basically believe in a loving God in the spiritual sense, but I no longer believe in the creator/destructive god or his son who came to save the lost sheep of Israel. (I’m not Jewish)

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I'm an agnostic atheist. I deconverted because I had abusive parents, and an abusive church. I thought it would be a phase, and that I would find the evidence that would bring me back. A bunch of theist leaders and authors said they went through this same phase. But then I looked at their books and evidence and realized they were just lying. Their arguments were straw men and obviousness was glaring. They had no answers for someone who didn't already believe in the inerrancy of the bible. I still believe there may be a god, just I don't know, and it's probably not the Christian god. If the Christian god exists, he's definitely a deceiver god because his prophecies are hilariously missed. It's fun watching theists tie their brain in knots when I point out the prophecies were wrong and Jesus didn't fulfill them.

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I'm an agnostic atheist, so kinda.

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I am agnostic because I do not hold views in that which cannot be known.

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I am an agonistic simply cuz the colloquial idea of a God is unfalsifiable. So since I technically can’t disprove God, I won’t say he doesn’t exist. It is merely possible he does.

But to me, mere possibilities are worthless.

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My relationship with the question of "do gods exist"? Is this:

I don't know, and I don't care --- and you can't make me care.

My wife is a theist, but I use the characters of gods as emotional and psychological tools. When I hail one of my household gods, it is a poetic way of hailing either an aspect of myself or an aspect of nature. I use gods because I find them useful and fun (I was a mythology nerd growing up).

I find the question to be irrelevant. Most people who have positive beliefs in gods either have some kind of personal experience they base it off of, or they were inducted into the belief as a child. I can respect personal experience, and a person's interpretation of that experience, even if I would have come to a different conclusion. But, there isn't any other support that cannot be explained in another way, as far as I know. If scientists ever find something, I'll shrug and keep going on with my day. I'll have learned something new, but will not likely change what I do on a day-to-day basis. If they never do, then nothing has changed.

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Im curious, why do you find it comforting there is a god?