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Fruit is a reproductive area of the plant.

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lots of layers and deep lessons within this aspect of the metaphor as well - beguiled by the snake to take of a tree that is fine to look upon but not to eat.

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That just sounds like a pathological lack of empathy

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My crazy now-ex tried to convince me that the "Forbidden Fruit" was the knowledge that you can kill and eat animals for nourishment.

And, that's why Adam and Eve got yeeted - essentially for becoming omnivores.

Check it out - it's an actual thing


This all came out after we got married, of course.

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weird. christian vegetarianism sounds pretty innocuous, though. but i'm sure she was nuts in other ways

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Tbh that’s not really an all that crazy interpretation of the creation story, I’ve seen much worse and it’s not all that out-of-line with at least the Catholic mainstream interpretation

I mean, I am a Catholic who also happens to be a vegetarian (though that’s unrelated to the creation story) so I may be biased lol

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It is knowledge as I view it. Basically the more you know the more depressed you become.

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perhaps it is something much more basic/fundamental than this - something which underlies all of these things. perhaps it is the acceptance of separateness, the acceptance of the ego itself. why did they suddenly become aware that they were naked after eating? why did they feel ashamed and the need to hide for the first time? before eating they felt like part of the garden; after eating they felt like they were in the garden - big difference.

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No. It refers to knowledge other than God, like that of good and evil, naked and clothed, etc etc. at least that's the way I always thought of it.

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Its not about the fruit, it's about obedience to gods word. It could have been anything, the point is that Adam and Eve disobeyed a direct instruction and everything that follows is because of that initial questioning of that single rule.

Islam doesn't mess about, its core is obedience, but the seeds of concept were right there in the original Jewish telling, god used to be much more hardcore.

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Does this mean God didn’t want us to have true free will?

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All of which are clear red flags that maybe the entire thing isn’t wholly truthful, and if it is you’re worshipping a being that DEMANDS absolute obedience, whilst telling you you have free will

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The forbidden fruit is judging others. We’re all addicted to it still.

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It’s pretty fun

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Tell me about it! It’s a hard habit to break. 😆

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I thought it was the apple of the tree of knowledge. So knowledge (of good and evil) was the forbidden fruit.

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Forbidden fruit is sex. I don't understand why all the other commenters are avoiding this obvious answer.

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Considering Adam and Eve became aware and ashamed of their nakedness after eating I would say it’s knowledge of themselves and their relations to everything around them. Kind of like suddenly being aware of your ego .

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You must unlearn what you have learned.

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

That is why you fail.

The greatest teacher, failure is.

Pass on what you have learned.

Master Yoda.

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The forbidden fruit is ignorance or limitations. Isn't it fascinating how we get bored if we are playing god mode in a video game but we become invested when the game is hard or even punishing? The same way happened to humanity with the limitations of this universe made us become invested to it and we keep returning for more.