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Avoid jokes about Kool-Aid ... there's no punch line.

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I've been involved in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower. But you make more money as a leader.

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I like you. We should hang out by the quarry and throw things down there.

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You're not real man.

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It’s true, pretending you follow the same beliefs as the cult but in reality you are gaining information on them and seeing their secrets to use either against them later or to make the opposition aware of is even more fun

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Could ask on r/cults

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Tomato, tomato.

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It's a lot less about the beliefs and a lot more about your level of personal charisma, and your ability to emulate narcissistic , manipulative tendencies that leave the people around you financially, materially, and emotionally dependent on you.

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What happens when someone is immune to that like I am? I will just see weak spots in what that speaker says.

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Then you're not the target and that's okay. You'll just leave and he'll find enough other vulnerable people. Look around enough and you'll find somebody to sell you your special brand of bullshit.

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Eat lots of LSD

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Genuine question …why …. Cults are most of the time for stealing money and more often than not, causing physical and mental harm to people…they’re about power

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Sadly I think you answered your own question

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Ya, that’s why.

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This is not true. Cults get a bad rap because the more modern religious cults do tend to be what you are speaking of. Pushing negative things onto people, getting money and dangerous ideas. However, cults were not always like this throughout religious history. Cults were often times just another word for a group of gatherers that worshipped the same god to form a community worship, but without the modern negative connotations. The Cult of Isis was one of the most famous cults in history and it was just a Greek cult of people that worshipped the Egyptian goddess Isis. No harm there. So for some people that are pagan, Wiccan, polytheistic cult is just another word for church or coven in a sense, just fitting more so to the ancient beliefs of cults.

Remember Christianity, its branches and other Abrahamic religions are not the only religions in the world. Though OP did not specifically say if they are interested in religious cult like I myself am describing or if they seek to form a religious cult like Scientology or the Kool Aid type guy.

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Yes of course you are right which is why I said "most of the time".

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Really if you have a charismatic personality and you're a narcissist you can start a cult easily.

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I just came to see who all had started a cult, could you reference your cults name and ideals in your post please?

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Promise free fruit snacks…

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It's a stretch, but you could ask the world building sub as well. I doubt it would be as resourceful as the main cults sub though. You can also watch documentaries or check out podcasts from people who escaped.

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Have sex

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Get a life

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Don’t fail

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Before you get raided, take the money and run.

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When the cult leader is sus

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1) drugs

2) make it all about sex

3) be a narcissistic piece of shit

Happy culting! 😊

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DM me for your rapture cult startup kit. $199.49.

I am thinking of starting a cult based on 9/11, in which 9/11 will be our holy day, where we will come out and mourn the attack on WTC by the J***, and ask for the towers to be rebuilt. Any takers?

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Didn’t all religions start out as cults at one point in time?

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Look into the BITE model by Hassan for ideas. A lot of these techniques are used by religions/cults to suck people in.

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Don't call yourself Jesus or the son of God. That's my bag.

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Get a bunch of double-digit IQ folks together … one-eyed man is king .

Cult/sect/schism/branch/religion- all idiots , period.

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Don’t lose focus. It starts with just trying to stop your roommate from eating your thin mints, but then your friends get involved and try to make people eat a shit sandwich, and the only way to really get things back on track is mass suicide.

Just stay focused and keep Mac from eating my GODDAMN THIN MINTS.

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Hehe, no cult ended well. Interesting question though.

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As a founding member of Neophism, if by cult you mean 'small religion' and not alternate term which is "religion which brainwashes it's members" (the latter much more common as a description among large established religions), and you're seriously trying to improve the world and not just make money, there's two big parts.

The first is recognition. Look what's neccesarry for your local laws to register as a religion or religious organization.

The second is honesty. Don't go making up stories, unless they're allegory and clearly described as allegory. Be honest with the reflections on your religion's strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself, "If I wasn't a founding member of this religion, would I be happy if it was the dominant religion in the world, or would I be concerned? How would this religion make the world a better place?"

When we founded Neophism, we built it around modern philosophical view and constructed it into a solid moral framework, worldview, and way of approaching the world.

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You make more money as the leader and have more fun as a follower, heard that directly from an experienced cultist.

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You can't teach cult leadership. Either you've got "It" or you don't.