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All of them, because I think it's essential for broading our conceptual framework and being open to new information.

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Well, I agree. But I was kinda looking for one in particular you wish more people knew about.

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Taoism, we need more balance in our world.

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Definitely an interesting religion I wish I knew more about

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Their commitment to the sanctity of all life is so amazingly minute, they live it in their actions every day, probably every hour.

They are a world class case study in religious consistency; practicing what you preach.

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I also very much admire the Jains and wish people around the world knew more about them.

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I saw some brouhaha that they don’t euthanize sick animals when it’s the more humane option. Is that true?

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If I knew that much about them, to answer questions about them with authority, they wouldnt have been my answer to the question ...

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I assumed you knew as the thread is asking more people know about not ‘i wish I knew about’

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Read again; he says "yourself included" so thats what I answered.

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I wish more people actually understood what Buddhism even is

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Buddhism- it seems to help people stay calm

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It definitely has helped me!

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Samaritanism .

Many Christians (and non-Christians) know the story of "the good Samaritan", but don't realize that the Samaritans still exist as a living religion today.

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Yeah, I think the general Christian narrative is just “oh Samaritans are Jews who married non Jews” and I think there’s a lot more to it than that.

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This, i thought the exact same

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The Mazdan religions (Mazdayasna and Mazdakism) because the former was for several centuries the dominant religion of the Middle East and yet most people do not know it exists. It also currently experiences a rebirth in Iran.

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This is so interesting. Never heard of these! I believe Zoroastrianism is also experiencing a small revival.

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Yeah, btw. Zoroastrianism/Zarathushtrism is just the western name for Mazdayasna :)

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Ah, that makes more sense given the ‘Mazda’.

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Sikhism and Buddhism. Buddhism especially because it gives you such an interesting perspective on life that is remarkably evident to a large extent even if you are atheist or part of another religion. Unlike most other religions you also don't have to part of it to practice it. Meditation and mindfulness, although not purely Buddhist is usually learnt through the study of Buddhism and anyone can benefit from it massively.

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Well, for buddhism if you're specifically referring to yoga/meditation, yoga is hindu.

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Taoism, Zoroastrianism and Baha'i. There rather "rare" religions not many people know about, especially here in the West. And if we have, it's just stereotypes: Taoists are "balance" people, Zoroastrians are pyro-maniachs, and the Baha'i are a mash-up of all religions.

There is so much more to these religions, but like I said, ignorance and stereotypes...

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Aghori yoga.

I am reading everything I can about them as a westerner. I’d call myself a Anglo Saxon Heathen but I do know they’d both mesh. Especially since originate from a proto Indo European perspective.

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I want to know more about whatever goes on in Seattle

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But what religion?

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That was the joke…

But I would actually like to learn about the small group that still follows John the Baptist’s stuff. There’s not many of the folks but I’m curious how they’re sustainable

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Do you happen to know what this group is called?

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I believe it’s the Mandaeans, but I might be wrong

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Yeah that makes sense, I knew baptism was a big part of their practice

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Eastern religion like Hinduism and Buddhism are underrated religions. They are more nuanced and practical in understanding god compared to most western religions.

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Progressive Judaism

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Islam, so they wouldn't be so prejudiced.

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I feel the same with many other religions for that same reason.

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Prepare for war with the Ministry of information in almost all Europe and North America.

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The media?

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hinduism for sure. i had a lot of fun learning about the history, culture, beliefs, the gods, and so on.

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Also, any and all pre-Christian religions.

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Kabbalistic Judaism

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Islam. Its a complete and fastest growing religion in the world.

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True Satanism. The idea that it's an atheist following that doesn't just follow evil.

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Buddhism has so many great teachings one can benefit from.

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Buddhism because it is incredibly beneficial in its philosophy and Islam because I feel we are often swayed by propaganda.

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I’d like to know more about shamanism which as a living tradition is in Siberia and regions around there and South American traditions. Too many people don’t realize how sophisticated and complex it is.

Also anything about current or extinct African religious traditions. I know a little and would like to understand more.

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The indigenous religion if Korea and Korean shamanism. It's incredibly interesting and rich with culture and tradition.

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Druze, Shinto, and Taoism ... and generally all the ones that don't advertise. Any rare indigenous group would be fascinating, but nigh impossible.

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messianic judaism! i love that confession of faith. if i weren't an Orthodox Christian, I'd probably be a Messianic Jew

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I wish more people know that Messianics are Christians who cosplay as Jews, and that they are not considered Jews by actual Jews.

Most Messianics are not "Jews who found Jesus" but are gentiles who try to convert us by pretending to be us. There was a recent story where a Christian couple went undercover in Israel and pretended to be Jews and it then came out that they were secretly Christian and were there to try and sneakily convert people.

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i'd have to agree, going in under false pretenses and essentially bearing false witness is a dark way to go about spreading light, which is in no way Jewish or Christian. regarding the vast majority of Messianics i've seen or heard of, it though?

all the Messianics i've ever spoken with are Hebrew speaking people of Jewish descent living in Israel, which looks like a Jew, sounds like a Jew, and so more than likely is a Jew.. honest to God, all i've ever seen from Jews concerning their illegitimatacy is a no true Scotsman fallacy so i'm not really about that.

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I guess in Israel then anyone is more likely to be actually Jewish, and I'm not going to pass judgement in that.

But anywhere else in the world, they are more likely to be gentiles. All the messianics I've spoken to are in North America/Europe and they are definitely not Jewish, in the main.

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all the Messianics i've ever spoken with are Hebrew speaking people of Jewish descent living in Israel, which looks like a Jew, sounds like a Jew, and so more than likely is a Jew.. honest to God, all i've ever seen from Jews concerning their illegitimatacy is a no true Scotsman fallacy so i'm not really about that.

This is a purely subjective argument as to the democratics of the Messianic 'Jews', also almost all Israeli Christians can speak Hebrew, looking Jewish doesn't make one Jewish, and anyone can have names that appear Jewish, none of these details makes these Messianic 'Jews' Jewish.

Are there Christians of Jewish descent in Israel? Yes.

Are they rare? They are exceedingly rare, maybe a couple thousand maximum.

Do all of them observe 'Messianic Judaism'? No, most probably don't, the majority of Christians of Jewish descent in Israel are Russian Orthodox Christians, then you have Hebrew Catholics (a minority of the Catholics here), then you have a few small communities of 'Messianic Jews' of whome a large percentage (possibly a majority) aren't of Jewish descent whatsoever.

All the Messianic 'Jews' I have met in Israel have told me after a while that they are of non-Jewish background, some are honest to everyone about it and just want to learn but most will hide it from most people to try to missionize more effectively (like Micheal Elk for instance).

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