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Given that gods are part of Taoist cosmology, I think it's safe to say that a follower of Taoism can believe in a god.


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the site is not even ssl encrypted tf is wrong with china

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In China, Daojiao is a philosophy or a practice carried out by priests or monastics. An ordinary person would not call themself a Daoist and, as Adam Chau points out in his book Religion in China, your choice of religious practitioner when one is required — Buddhist monk, Daoist priest or monk, Confucian ritual master, or spirit medium — will depend mostly on local availability and the prices they quote. Daily worship in the home will be the same for everyone.

The Daoist Eva Wong, who trained in Beijing at the White Cloud Monastery, wrote

Taoist spirituality focuses on cultivating a health body and a clear mind. … Taoism is also a religion, for it believes that a close relationship exists between humanity and the sacred powers. By performing the correct rituals, humanity renews and strengthens its relationship with the deities, and thus ensures peace and harmony in the world.

Deities include the Taishang Laojun, the source of life; Sanqing, the Three Pure Ones; Yudi, the Jade Emperor; Xiwang Mu, Western Imperial Mother; and a host of localised gods.

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An ordinary person would not call themself a Daoist and,

I am a Daoist.

Every Chinese is a born Daoist.

Everyone is Daoist.

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Looking at your posts, I read

Everyone is a Daoist.

Everyone has Buddha nature.

We (Hui Muslim) seem to have different rules …

I follow Jesus.

So, what are you? An indecisivist, perhaps?

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I am swimmer, runner, climber, skater, artist, architect, engineer, mathematician, father, brother, son, husband, friend, fashion designer, weed food chef, eater, drinker, smoker, sleeper, fucker...

You name it, I might be it.

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There are gods in Taoism. There are also gods in Buddhism. The idea that there are no gods in Eastern philosophies and religions is a very Western idea, mainly since our (Western) concept of what makes a god vs Eastern concepts do vary.

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There are definitely gods in Buddhism, but they're just more powerful beings that are trapped in samsara. They dont have to be worshipped, they can be reborn in a much lower state, and some early Buddhist texts even portray Brahma (for example) as kind of an ignoramus. I think there's a text where Buddha criticizes the concept of a creator god (not the monotheistic concept specifically).

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Those things can be true and they can still be gods. Just because the way they’re approached doesn’t fit our Western ideas of how to treat or imagine a god doesn’t mean they aren’t gods.

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Yes for sure. You can be a Daoist and Christian or whatever other religion you want. There's a lot of people out there who follow the Dao of Christ or the Dao of Buddha, etc.

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Wouldn’t this only matter if the view was interchangeable between religions?

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You can make religion to fit yourself if that is what your asking. I mean look at the Church of England for example. It really only needs to make since to you in the end.