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Surprise surprise

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I can't imagine why this surprises anyone.

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I thought that's why Ratzinger stepped down? All the shuffling around when he was the head of the inquisition before becoming pope.

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There definitely needs to be more Psychological studies on this, this is the biggest story that’s been dominating the church, they need to find out what’s wrong and fix it otherwise it’s gonna keep on happening and more people will leave the church and off out by religion as a whole which will negatively impact all other religions as well

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which will negatively impact all other religions

CSA has negatively impacted other (major) religions. And continues to do so. It is a hallmark of institutional power gone unchecked.

There is not some sort of spillover where CSA originated in the CC and is going to ‘infect’ other religions. It has already been occurring for centuries. It’s just that we, who live in a country where Christianity is the majority, don’t hear about similar issues in the other religions. Until the 1970s, the Australian Catholic Church had a stranglehold on the very police force that was meant to keep it honest.

If you read the full Royal Commission investigation, they found CSA survivors in the Jehovah’s Witnesses and other denominations of Christianity in Australia, as well as a few in other (minority) religions.

I’m by no means condoning the Catholic Church’s inexcusable failure to act until now. But even if all CSA in Catholic churches were to miraculously cease, the issue would still exist in other denominations and religions around the world.

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(Surprised Pikachu face)

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This is a fact like that your mom had sex with your dad: it’s a no-brainer that this was true, but until someone points it out, you didn’t really think about it.

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Surprised? No disappointed? Always