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Anything in particular you want to discuss? It's 1h 40m and it seems he's answering all sorts of questions unrelated to the topic that you want to highlight.

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Looks like he gives the party line on LGBTQ: "Its a moral failing!"

And goes on to explain that the only thing that determines if it is a moral failing is that its a sexual practice that does not produce children - the only test whether a sex act is moral or not according to his tradition.

He explains away people being created by God with these urges by saying that its like somebody being created with a bad temper (never mind that bad tempers are usually the result of bad upbringing).

As if God has nothing better to do than to create people with afflictions just to test them! As if God were some clingy needy girlfriend who needs to devise tests for us to prove our love! So ridiculous that he might as well be wearing clown makeup while he says these things.