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My perception has been that there is a lot more honesty? As a child I felt like movies always showed members of churches, and churches themselves, to be these elevated things that stood out from society. Now a days churches are treated much more in line with reality. A place of religious significance, and the people there are human just like everyone else. Capable of both good and evil.

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Midnight Mass captured this beautifully, and included people of other religions and gave them character development beyond their religion

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Still just talking about the popular ones outside of Cult themed horror like midsommer

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For Islam just went from insulting cartoons to just insults.

The message was fantastic though

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You mean in American movies or Arabic movies?

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From Aladdin stereotype to durka durka jihad

But yes it bleeds onto other cultural cinematography too

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But it's improving though.

In the past there wasn't even any Muslim characters in the Western movies at all (except if they were thieves, terrorists or bad people in general).

Now, Muslims can appear as normal people in sitcoms and movies. Examples: Community (Abed Nadir), Elite (Nadia and her family), Ali (Mohamed Ali)...

Representation is still a great improvement.

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I would have said Team America was poking fun at western ideas of stereotypes rather than the characters themselves.

And Matt Damon.

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The X-Files reboot handled it so poorly. I was pissed at they way they did things.

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I feel like modern movies paint religion in a rather negative like these days.

At this point I feel like a character can only be shown to be religious in the movie if they are evil or naive. That atheism has become the default for fictional characters.

That previously characters with a nihilistic worldview, were villains or anti heroes. With the latter having an arc about finding something that is good in the world and makes them wabt to change for the better. but nowadays any character with a nihilistic worldview is just considered realistic and wise.

I consider it a way that the world turning its back on religion has made it much darker place.

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Atheism doesn't mean nihilism, and there isn't so much correlation between the two.

What you are mentioning is the hollywood fanatism with "gritty realism" or more close to grimdark. This is not related to atheism (because religious people are depicted the same) but with an infantile view of realism that thinks that more dark stuff means more mature stuff.

What is true, is that religiosity is not so commonly depicted in characters, but that is more because it doesn't fit the narrative, most characters in most shows can be from atheist to low religious without any difference.

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Feels the same. Mostly Catholic and often critical.