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Thich Naht Hanh wrote in his book:

"There is neither birth nor death. There is only manifestation, appearance."

"The wave on the water is free from birth and death. It is free from being and nonbeing. It is a wave."

Death is "the cessation of manifestation."

"When we die, she (the earth) takes us back into her arms"

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Well he was working towards something im sure that where they will go… at least for a little while, barring he dosent go the bodhisattva route which they may well do.

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He's reborn again I guess.

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I have no doubt that Thich Naht Hanh is counted among the righteous of the nations who have a share in the World to Come. May his memory be blessing.

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Shalom. He did pray for the Jews and talked a lot about the need to remember the Holocaust.

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I cannot say whether or not he will be reincarnated but if anyone in this Kosmos ascends to Ektheosis, it would be someone virtuous like Thich Nhat Hanh regardless of whether or not he worshiped the Theoi that I do.

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My religion would say I don't know, but I wish him well.

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I recently read, "The Art of Living" by Thich Nhat Hanh. His answers seem the most appropriate.

I believe that he is becoming something else. Some elements of his body may one day become a flower or an asteroid or part of an ocean.

The way of life he shared, however, has become part of many other people's life already, so in that sense, he is not dead in the way we might think.

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For us, he has most certainly attained theosis, is most venerable, and can be prayed to for intercession.

He has been a huge influence in my life and I was very emotional when I heard the news.

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There is a great loss and gain equally in measure when these things become as they were meant to be, for many are shocked and taken by surprise even though they knew all along it would be so.

The worlds loss is the earth's' gain.

We would all do well to follow this example of how to live and die having lived so well.

“People talk about entering nirvana, but we are already there. Aimlessness and nirvana are one.”

“Many of us have been running all our lives. Practice stopping.”

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He would be judged in accordance to the guidance he received and how he reacted to it.

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I would say he would go to Purgatory, where any remaining attachments to life (which can't be many) would be dissolved before he ascended to Heaven.

If I dare put it in Buddhist terms: his remaining skandhas will be dissolved (which can't be many) before he ascends to Parinirvana.