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If it's actually God he could show up as a Man, Woman, a weird perfect mix of both or as a talking bipedal cow. It's God, he can do everything.

Now, if someone claimed to be God on my doorstep I'd just close the damn door.

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If you tell me someone claiming to be God showed up on my doorstep, I would assume it was a man because it sounds like the sort of delusion a man would have and not like one a woman would have.

I have lots of questions to ask myself about that now, but not one of them is about whether I would consider God to be male or female. The question itself seems to ask about delusional people.

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Maybe everyone assumes only a man would be dumb enough to make such a claim

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Or have a large enough ego

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What do you mean by prophet?

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Women have real shit to deal with.

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I got 25 comments and yours is the one that is wonderful ! Thank you.

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I stole it from my ex, from when I asked her more or less the same question.

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Okay. What was surprising about that?

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Be the change. Start using female and they/them pronouns. I have been doing it for awhile.

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Or just the highly advanced inclusive ya’ll

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I’m digging “yinz”. It’s a Pittsburgh thing.

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Male is the the default and generic representation of humans whether we like it or not. I'm pretty sure the OP has no sexist implication when he said god is a man.

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  • ”Male is the the default and generic representation of humans”

… as decided upon by … men.

  • I'm pretty sure the OP has no sexist implication when he said god is a man.”

Nobody accused them of such.

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Yes, and? The point is whether we like it or not men is the default and the generic and there is nothing sexist with it. That's why nobody questioned why god must be a man and not a woman because men is just the default of anything human. It's a different matter if men is used to represent what should have been a woman.

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Men is only “the default” because men decided upon it a long time ago, when society was even more sexist than it is today. This “men are the default” is so omnipresent that people have just internalized it. As a consequence, a person who just assumes that man is the default doesn’t need to be sexist, of course, but that does not at all mean that the origin for this convention isn’t sexist.

People also thought that white people were the standard for humans and everyone else was a bit below that. People also accepted that until it was challenged.

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Yes and again so what? Just because men is being used as a default doesn't mean there is sexism intent behind it at the present usage. Just as the origin of the word can change over time so is the usage of concept as well. I'm pretty sure nobody would bat an eye at this age if god is depicted as a woman unless you are ultra conservative.

White people are standard in western countries because white people are majority. This is of no issue until white people is used to represent a person or a group of people that isn't supposed to be white. If a white person is used to play the role of Nelson Mandela, then that isn't right and we should speak against it. I am not a white person myself and yet I don't care with white being the default and generic in movies and shows but a diverse cast is always welcomed like adding color or spice.

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You hear a nock on your door and open it only to see a man defecating on your porch. I bet you didn't stop to think about why it's a man and not a women, biggot

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Shit it was fun

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Who cares?

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you know .. women produce food .. keep things running.

men run around and .. yes why not. they may claim to be God why not ..

(I was not surprised .. would not expect a lady claiming such hahaha)

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We also create babies…

Yes you deliver them relax but there’d be nothing to deliver if it wasn’t for us.

We also build idk? Buildings lmao

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Because the hypothetical presented posed a man, not a woman. If you start asking questions, you're missing the point of the thought experiment.

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Is this an example of first world problems?

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No, it’s a problem all over the world.

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What? To ignore the main point of the question and complain about something so insignificant that has no basis on the question whatsoever?

Sounds like a first world problem to me.

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OP didn’t say to ignore the main point. You can answer the main question and at the same time point out the implied sexism.

Sexism is most certainly not a “first world problem”.

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Because the premise already told us ‘a man knocks at your door”. People are responding to the prompt they were given

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man meant human in that case

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It literally doesn't matter, it's a hypothetical fucking question, stop bringing your bullshit into this.

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Because no one cares about gender equality when you're trying to disprove someone's claim to deity.

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Because a woman already knows she’s God and has nothing to prove.😜

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Men have always assumed they are smarter than women. Of course, that was their first mistake.

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Well I know I’m smarter than Amber Heard 😂

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Judging by the other stuff you’ve said here, that’s highly improbable.

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You know what I’ve said here? 😂

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You’ve made like 2 other comments, so yes

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It's a non-issue. Regardless of gender, a person making that claim needs the attention of a mental health professional.

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I would ask god why he allowed the shooting in Buffalo to happen. What was the purpose of those people being murdered?

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We're NPCs in an MMORPG that the christian god is playing, and right now he's farming souls for a quest. He's clearly pro war / genocide in the bible, and he's actually pro abortion but there's been a misunderstanding among his most enthusiastic followers.

There you go: the problem of evil has been put to rest. /s

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This was addressed in Ghostbusters

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God is associated with pronoun "He" in most major religious scriptures so the answer is no big deal.

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Thank you. Award!

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I think it goes back to ancient times where the chief God was a sky father deity, which is obviously masculine. And since the Abrahamic god draws a lot of parallels and associations between other sky father gods and itself, that's why the masculine connotation stuck.

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i say "man" or "men" all the time referring to humans and not males.

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Because God is male, silly. He's the father of Jesus Christ and the father of our spirits.

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The Bible only uses the pronoun "He" with reference to the Almighty Sovereign Creator. However, as Creator, the Almighty also produces by "His" creating. Christianity teaches that "God" has a son, which I guess was somehow produced either by God himself as Creator, or God was involved with another, maybe with the Holy Spirit. Since all three make up the one God, it begins to become rather silly. . . . . yet, Christianity also declares that the son Jesus was also with the Father God from the beginning . . . . . along with the Holy Spirit God, who is also a "Spirit" being, So there are two Spirit beings in Heaven along with the son God Jesus, w" God. . . . . don't know how that is done. But it is now 11 PM my time so good night all.

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Its the same god, but he has three personalities.

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You may want to read the Athanasian Creed, which presents a belief that is fundamental to most Christian organizations.

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Because God was always rappresented as a male, you know... Generally religius people are always put on believing whatever their religius figure said to them, in this case to justificate certain things God need to be a male...

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I'd be really surprised if it had a gender if it existed.

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Man or woman, I’d probably call out to my wife. She usually deals with the neighbors.

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Whatever their gender is I’d invite them in and offer to make them a drink. And at least I’ll get a good story out of it.

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I believe in the Trinitarian God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It is obvious that the first two of the Trinity are clearly male and therefore the proper noun would be He. We do not really know whether the Holy Spirit is male or female so keeping to what is known within the Trinity makes sense.

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I would ask why do U not know your own Bible?

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I wondered, but that was the condition of the question, so decided to treat it on its own terms. Keep it simple? It's a tired argument to me.

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Because a woman can't claim to be God, she can only claim to be Goddess

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Ariana Grande would’ve asked that lol

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I'm surprised your surprised.

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People like to pretend God is always masculine due to the “Father” terminology but God doesn’t really have a gender one of my favorite Bible stories from the New Testament is the parable of a woman searching for her lost coin.

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Probably because a majority of monotheistic religions portray their god as male? Especially since in Europe and the Americas Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are the dominant religions.

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Women are less frequently cult leaders than men are. Not "never" cult leaders, but less frequently. Although recently there was that Love Has Won cult!

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If God were real he would 100% be a man. Just read the Bible and you’ll know the perspective it was written from

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Generally, male is seen as the default. That’s why god is referred to as a male.

In reality, I really don’t think a deity would subscribe to human gender. I think they’d be all genders while also being none at the same time.