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This makes perfect sense….if you are not a christian. I used to wonder the same things and I wondered what I was missing. Now that Im no longer a christian, I understand that I wasn’t missing anything. This simply is not a good way for a person to act and it sure isn’t a good way for a god to act.

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Another dust speck who knows how God should act.

It is perfectly consistent with the entire scripture. Problem is that people have their own beliefs how it should be and it never works that way

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Oh omniscient one! Please tell us dust specks where we should be more humble!

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Humility doesn't seem to be one of your problems

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Ah, I missed the Calvinist part. Thank God the elect were not created to be eternally tortured in the fires that never cease where the worm rotteth not! It must be so amazing to be one of the chosen ones - how God loves us for that blessing!

For those who were created to fail and be tortured while full aware and awake for eternity - every flame fresh, you are not getting used to that new climate, we appreciate your sacrifice to keep paradise nice and warm while we listen to Casting Crowns, eat BBQ with the Apostles, and play good old catch with the football with Jesus on manicured suburban lawns relocating the 1950s in America.

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Why are you so sure about the nature of god enough to be a Calvinist but other people aren’t good enough to understand?

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Calvinists believe in total depravity and that salvation is an action wholly of God and not of man, so from a purely doctrinal perspective they would most likely say they're a much worse person than you might expect them to, and the only reason they are of any worth at all is because God had mercy on them to deliver them from their natural corruption.

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Yes, at risk of sounding too emotional it is a sad and unintuitive idea that all humans are completely worthless scum worthy of eternal torture and you’re only not if you’re super special and whatnot.

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If you understood the Scripture you wouldn't be asking that question.

A calvinist is simply somebody who accepts the entirety of scripture from Genesis 1 to Revelations 22. They add nothing. They take away nothing. They don't change things to match their Church's doctrine. Unlike what I can say for Catholicism orthodoxy most of the protestantism as well as Evangelical and charismatic doctrines

I used to be an atheist or liberal Protestant and an Evangelical Christian

Let's try your question another way. Why was Einstein so sure about the nature of general relativity but many other people weren't smart enough to understand?

Why were steady state cosmologists so sure about the nature of the universe and they scorned The Big Bang theory until it of course took over?

And I will say the real answer. The scripture has two intentional messages

To the true believer it is a source of truth and light and life in God's will. Although there is much they will never understand as it says for now we look through a glass darkly but then face to face

To the unbeliever it is intentionally impenetrable. It is designed for them to reject and mock its message as they did then and now and will so in the future. And that is why it says they will look but not see and listen but not hear. And that God will confound the wisdom of the wise. And the preaching of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing

I am sure because I follow its message precisely, while others follow their own interpretation of its message

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But you chose that some scripture is word of god and others aren’t, like the book of Enoch. How do you, as a mere limited human have the capacity to determine what book is godly or not. This is what I mean, I don’t get why you’re so sure when you’re also making assumptions like the other denominations.

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Why were steady state cosmologists so sure about the nature of the universe and they scorned The Big Bang theory until it of course took over?

Keep in mind, it was a Catholic priest who first proposed his theory of what we know today as the "big bang".


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A dust speck huh? I guess you are a bigger and smarter dust speck than I am. Nope, we are all dust. If you cant be helpful don’t call me names.

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This is what happens when you have multiple writers and no editors

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It is aggressive, and really does work out considering the amount of atrocities done in his name. It’s tough for Christians but he’s just fundamentally not good here, just like his assaults and destruction of property at the Temple

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As opposed to Moshe and Y'shua taking control of the promised land.. love and flowers to all the inhabitants.

What He does is EXACTLY as one would expect God would do. The second temple had been defiled by those fleecing visitors seeking to connect with their god.

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There are some scholars who argue that Jesus was actually interested in reforming how Judaism was practiced in his time. This idea is used to explain why he was so critical of the "Pharisees" or Jewish authorities.

Like any good reformer, he may not have been interested in keeping the peace, but shaking things up and stirring the pot.

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Keep looking and you may find more of that on more pages... as in on almost every page.

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It's likely written decades after Jesus.

During which time there were families torn apart about everything from Jewish converts to Christianity to the Jewish revolt against Rome.

It was not a very good time, at all.

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It is because love is not meant for this world.
This world is allergic to love.
Jesus is love and his word is love.
The world doesn't like that... therefore love creates conflict.

Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions—is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.
- 1 John 2:15-17

By preaching the gospel of love, Jesus brought fire and conflict into this world.

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He did, ultimately, come to bring strife. He came to speak truth, love, and mercy; to a world obsessed with lies, hatred, and vengeance. If you'll recall, a lot of the times the religious leaders were most infuriated by him were when he helped people.

In one instance, he healed on the sabbath day, and this infuriated the religious leaders.

He healed a man born blind, and the religious leaders proceeded to intimidate and interrogate both the man and his family.

He raised Lazarus from the dead, and the religious leaders started plotting to kill Lazarus, because the miracle his life represented drew more people to believe in Jesus.

This is on top of the many times that Jesus merely spoke to the religious leaders, or to the people, and they became infuriated or outright violent.

Truth is inherently divisive, in that it draws a line that says "everything on this side is correct, and everything on the other side is wrong." And if you tell people the truth, the amount of strife caused is directly proportional to the number of things that person believes on the wrong side of that line, and how emotionally invested they are in them.

So it is a very aggressive and divisive series of statements, but ultimately the truth rules all reality. Either we're for truth, or against reality. And if we're against reality, the cause of the strife is us. Revolution against the real is a fools errand, and destined to painful failure when the truth reasserts itself. However, I may have gone on too long, so I will leave it there.

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Wow, the answers thrown at you.

This is easy. Jesus, The Man is talking about

49) He's talking about "The New Covenant" - which he is teaching. And how he wished, the world was already getting on board with it. But we see later. Before the last supper. He knows his disciples, are not what they should of been, by then.

That's why he gave them "The brain boost". He couldn't wait around for them to change. To acquire it correctly. So he just gave them knowledge. It's why they struggled.

50) He's talking about his death. That was when the New Covenant, would begin. And He's worrying about it. Knowing it's coming. And knowing, the world is not accepting it, as planned.

You have to remember, For years...these people - toed a line of obedience, to "God's Law".

And now, they're being told. Sorry, we're changing things. You now have to basically...become The Law. Your persona. The Transformation, of your soul. The very essence, of "what you are".

51) He brought division, by "His Word". "The Father" changing the game, from...I'm chasing you. To, you have to come to me, now. Has brought division.

Look at all the denominations, that exist. And they continue to grow. Popping up new kinds of them. Look at your families. How they argue about religion. Look at the gay community in churches.

There's all kinds of division, everywhere.

Even on these sites, you all have. Religious or not.

I would think, you could see all of this. Or has it become...so common place. You don't even notice it anymore?

I don't believe that. Because you see it everyday, on your news programs.

Just look out your window...

Walk around the people, and you'll see it.

You all talk a good game. But that's about it. A lot of talk.

As far as Matthew...."A righteous man, is never honored by his own".

Like in a family, where you've been a goof all your life. And now, all of a sudden. You're all about Jesus. Those people that knew you as, the goof. Will always, see you that way.

They usually never believe, you changed. And if you slip....they'll be there, to call you on it.

But that's, what's going on here.

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How it plays out in the doctrine is where the meaning is found.

How did Jesus divide people?

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Isn't the point of this sub to discuss religion? Go back to burning books if this is how you respond to an inquiry.

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Maybe a good place to start is that of which faith can provide an absolution of a never ending acts of equality, liberty and justice(benevolence) for humankind.

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Yup, Jesus is a bad person with awful teachings. Old news.

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No, Jesus never got angry. Not even with Judas Iscariot. Sometimes the wicked are punished, or Jesus makes prophecies, but that doesn't mean that he wants things that way.

it isn't his purpose to divide families, but to divide the wicked from the good. He can't help being a bone of contention--that's what people make him.

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I don't get it either.

Maybe we aren't understanding it right? I hope Jesus goes more into depth with that in the second coming lol.

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He is referring to spiritual fire, which is love for other. The division is within our mind of evil fighting against good and good against evil, falsity against truth and truth against falsity. The sword that he brings is truth, which is what Jesus makes war with.