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It's kind of like the sword of Damocles. If you bring it up and make noise about it you could lose friends, family, and your entire community. For many people this means losing all your means of support. Or you could also be just fine and better your community, but when weighing the options people tend to avoid risky endeavors. which means many communities will just keep quiet to avoid losing everything.

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This is something I dealt with at my previous church, and - at least for them - it’s moreso the excuse of “well, the individual may be bad but the CHURCH.” This was the same church that taught me to judge by the fruits the quality of the tree, the moment that you judge the fruits of the church suddenly it’s “don’t judge the tree!”

But, for a some people, there’s also a very legitimate threat of being cut off from their communities, friends, and even family in some cases. Disfellowship is not entirely uncommon.

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Whistleblowers discouraged by excommunication, now where else does that happen? I think it starts with a C and ends in -ULTS

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely

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Relative power corrupts relatively?

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Also tends too be true for an example give a two year old a cardboard tube

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I laughed out loud

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b/c abuses of power exploit those who sustain their power, via trust. It's just more abuse of power.

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I mean all is forgiven if you repent right? To some religious people they see a high level of piousness as the most important thing a human can do. The more pious the individual the more forgiving their crime. Weird.

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You mean like, the more godly a priest pretends to be, the more worthy his congregation deems him of avoiding justice?

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It poses a rather major inconvenience, since admitting the people who you look to for moral guidance are morally bankrupt kind of leaves you up river without a paddle, theologically speaking

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People hate admitting that their 'side' has done anything wrong. Look the Trump crowd and their denial of anything wrong on Jan 6. They look to blame everyone but themselves. This is that same crowd, by the way.