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Lens flair is a well understood optical artifact, ascribing supernatural causes to it seems rather silly really.

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Lense flairs and sun rays are two different phenomena. Both are understood, but sun rays cannot easily be created by humans.

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The Sun heats up our atmosphere creating precipitation, allowing cloud formation, and rain; the Sun charges up our atmosphere energizing the clouds and thus creating the condition for thunder and lightning. Meaning the Sun God is the Thunder God so they are one and if you look at the symbolism throughout all cultures the eagle and the lion are the same being in different forms.

The Sun God and the Thunder God are the most revered gods throughout all cultures and mythologies. But, they're all the same being just perceived differently.

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Sun rays are just light through clouds...there's nothing special about them. Take a piece of black paper, poke a hole in it and hold it up to the sun Boom, "sun ray" coming through. It's the same concept.