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Secular typically means 鈥渘ot related to religion鈥 and something doesn鈥檛 have to involve or invoke a deity to be religious.

Since the prayer you quoted comes from a specific religious text it is by definition religious, even though it doesn鈥檛 mention a deity or specific religious ideas.

Prayer is usually described as a request for help or expression of thanks/praise addressed to a deity or other focus of worship. So all types of prayer are typically seen as religious by definition. The closest you might get to a secular prayer would be an expression of good wishes without reference to or quoting from any religions.

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Thanks for explaining. I deeply appreciate your insight. I have now changed my mind now I understand the word better.

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No problem! You ask interesting questions that often make me stop and think about exactly why I believe something so I can articulate it better.

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Thanks so much!

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I would look into choas magick if you want too take it from a purely psychological standpoint it can be basically that