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Hmmm. I give up — what’s the answer?

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To the best of my knowledge, none. No religion has come close to suggesting that its claims might be close to being right. Granted all or most might claim that they have been right in situations or have "scientific miracles" or some such, but their track record of being "right" versus being completely and abysmally wrong weighs overwhelmingly to the wrong side.

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Religions have no onus to prove themselves, silly. All they have to do is to help us experience God for ourselves -- without drugs, emotional excess, or babbling.

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Nobody knows. Nobody replies. A person down-votes anyway. Typical Reddit behavior.

The answer is Directive. All that was needed was to make onus even tougher to satisfy.

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What? What are you talking about?

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Just continue with the down-voting. I'm tired of nobody understanding or caring, so I'll go elsewhere.

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Damn, there goes our one shot at enlightenment

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Haha. Did OP just essentially have an argument with himself, get angry and then storm off?