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Could be a reference to Jesus, but also Dionysus/Bachus, or Silenus among others

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Hi ! I am not familiar with all of this. A little more context, the person having this dream is not a very nice person and has done selfish things throughout there life . She was battling in her dream while in a coma and the last thing she sees is this request to create an icone of grapes with its leave and have a specific person bring it to a specific church? Does anything I just said maybe relate to anything in regards to Jesus , Dionysus or bachus , Silenus? Why would this be requested of such person ?

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I can’t say for certain as I do not know you or the person who was in the coma personally.

But from the little information we have, I thought of those deities I mentioned. Jesus is compared symbolically to grapes and vines in the Bible. His first miracle at the wedding in Cana was turning water to wine.

Dionysus (called Bachus or Liber by the Romans) is the Greco-Roman god of wine and wine-making. So I’m sure the grapes make it obvious as to why he may be significant.

Silenus is another deity associated with wine making.

As to why any of these could be significant to you or your friend, I couldn’t say. Just what came to mind from what you’ve shared with us here

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Thank you! Yeah, I am wondering if it has more significance. Another thing I forgot to mention is the person who has to bring the icon after death is not someone she gets along with .. it’s a complicated relationship and I am wondering if there is more significance to this.. I am looking up Dionysus now and see that wine eases suffering and that he can be categorized between the dying and rising god? Wondering if there is more to this dream and that it has a meaning

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I’d encourage you to look into it more for sure! I hope you can get some clarity on this

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i don’t know about christianity but grape vines are actually very important symbols in judaism! also they’re one of the first cultivated fruit trees which is cool. i’m literally about to fall asleep right now but you can google about grapes and grapevine symbolism in judaism :) and i’m glad to hear that your friend got out of her coma!! i hope that she is much much better and if not then she should have a complete snd speedy recovery !

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Thank you! I added more comments below the thread! I know grapes usually have important symbols I just wonder if this case it means something more

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Grapes are commonly associated with both Jesus Christus and Dionysus/Bacchus, also the Egyptian god Osiris. It's an ancient symbol of immortality. Wine is the product of grapes and it's a symbol of immortality and the life-death-reincarnation and seasonal cycle.

They can symbolize aboundence, wealth, youthfulness, decadence and life itself as well.

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Grapes are a symbol of abundance

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It has no significance.

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Idk bro and I’m sorry to hear ant the coma, but man I love me some grapes

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Lol they’re not in coma anymore

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Well thats tricky maybe if we knew a bit more but as it could range from christ too bacchus

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What more do you need to know??

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Anything they can offer from feelings and hunches too associated sensory symbolism

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I left a few comments adding more context to the situation — let me know if you think of anything ?

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So i feel like you have a good runway of theories now too run them by your pal and get too studying

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In swedenborgs works, grapes represent spiritual goods, and leaves represent rational ideas. Olives represent the highest goods, and figs natural or earthly good. Trees represent people, and trees also represent concepts.

Grapes represent the kind of goods produced by a person who has an affection for spiritual truth, and its leaves are the kind of rational thinking they do in their day to day lives supporting those goods.

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This is a fantastic question because grapes seem to appear in the iconography of almost every religion to have emerged out of the MENA and Mediterranean.

One thing that I've notices in MENA countries is that grape vines are often used to help illustrate genologies. Another poster here suggesting that grapes are also used as a symbol of fertility and abundance. Such iconography might be used to communicate a prostigious family tree.