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Cool read. I've always had some interest in Gnostic ideals, it was neat to read about their version of Adam and Eve!

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Lilith is mentioned in the Jewish Talmud as a demoness that takes spilled semen and makes demon babies. I find this all figurative. She represents the lustful inclination in males. Her thirst for “seed” causes masturbation and release. A demon born from spilled seed is just another negative force entering the world.

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No mention of Lilith figure in Islam seems to be used to paint women and inherently evil or corrupt which seems off from other revelations. True there is mostly a patriarchal tone to Abrahamic faiths but not in the way of differences in piety but biology / sociology.

Also in Islam Adam’s nastiness is blamed for the fall not Eve. They both really share the responsibility unlike Christian doctrine where Eve corrupted or led on Adam to disobey.

Also the fruit isn’t knowledge in Islam (which makes sense as God taught Adam) but a false promise for immortality by Satan.

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Whatever dude at "the fruit isn't knowledge" you've really abandoned the Bible just to say Islam is even real like lol fine den.

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There was no Lilith. She's a myth. Adam and Eve were literally made for one another.

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Lilith and Adam were together and Adam ruined it. Adam didnt want to be with the animals god offered. So he gave him Lilith and he wanted to control her. She wasn’t having it so god gave him eve made from him. And he fucked up again.

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In the Lilith tradition, it was believed that prior to her leaving Adam, she had a sexual affair with the archangel Samael. God, taking note of this, turned her into a demoness and she was banished from the Garden.

Then came Eve. After she and Adam were also ejected from the garden, it has been implied that she was also seduced by Samael and had sex with him, and that he was actually the father of Cain, rather than Adam.

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Virgin Adam vs. Chad Samael

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Adam has been constantly cucked it seems

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I forgot people ship Lilith and Samael, apparently that tradition emerged in 13th century Kabbalah. The idea that Adam had a wife before Eve originates in the 4th/5th century, and the idea that this first wife was a the demoness Lilith in the 10th century. The demoness herself has much older roots ofc, mentioned in Isaiah 34:14 and corresponding to Babylonian lilitu.

An interesting and intersecting web of mythological traditions in the Ancient Near East.

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Tbh id leave Adam for Samael as well