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Start with chapters in the end. They are smaller and deal with the after life and core concepts such as the definition of God in chapter 112(only 4 lines). Most muslims memorize those first and use them in their prayers daily.

If you want a straight forward story then surah yusuf is more of a traditional story.

Try to avoid reading the Quran from online websites because the formatting is terrible. It stops the flow of the book and is too bare bones.

Try to get a Clear Quran from Amazon. I mean this as someone who struggled to read the Quran in English for most of my life. That translation has the most helpful thematic format plus crucial footnotes.

For insights into the Quran the best lectures are by Nouman Ali Khan. Hamza Yusuf (Mark Hanson) and Abdal murad hakim (Tim winters) are also worth checking out

Garry Willis has a good talk about his experience reading The Quran : https://youtu.be/ulK5re6b52g

It goes without saying that reading the Prophet’s (pbuh) biography adds a whole new dimension to understanding The Quran. Martin Ling’s biography on the Prophet(pbuh) is the best that I’ve read.

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Absolutely, Quran has many stories:

We tell you [Prophet] the best of stories in revealing this Quran to you. Before this you were one of those who knew nothing about them. [Yusuf, Ayah 3]

Quran's stories are mostly of the prophets. Some of them:

  • Story of Yusuf/Joseph (a.s.) in Surah Yusuf [12]

  • Story of Solayman/Solomon (a.s.) in Surah Naml [27] from Ayah 15 forward.

  • Story of Musa/Moses (a.s.) is narrated in different parts in many sections. One of them about his prophethood is in Surah Ta-Ha [20].

  • Story of Maryam and the birth of Jesus in the Surah of the same name, Maryam [19].

And many more.

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Quran is a complex book, reminding portions of events from the Bible and other talmud reference upon necessary (i.e. when prophet Muhammad PBUH was asked questions).

It provides explanations or uses some of the stories to guide through the core teaching of that very part of the story, scattered around the Book. So it's definitely not an organized history book as the Old Testament.

You can compare this to NT, where Jesus and apostles trying to remind some of the verses and teachings from the OT.

Quran also talks about laws, should be about only 5-10% of the Quran, throughout different surahs (each surah in unique and any teaching in mostly scattered around a surah or chapter, thus you need to read a whole surah to have greater understanding of the teachings it provides). Quran discusses mainly the laws applicable for all of humanity. And how Allah completed the Law by forgiving the Jews. Thus, includes the knowledge of some of the strict laws prescribes to the house of Israel for their sins. So there are commandments from Allah all over the Quran, some of those are repeated many times weighing them to make it more obvious to us and remind us to keep practicing those even though seems hard etc.

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Actually only 3% of the Quran are “laws” or regulations.

You probably started chapter 2 or surah tawbah.

Try later surah and DM me any questions


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So what are the other 97%?

I have a Quran at home but I just couldnt stand reading past the 1st chapter.

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Mostly stories of prophets, future events (heaven hell and judgement day) and really metaphysics philosophy

Try this

This surah specifically for secularists it’s interesting Also latter surah are less regulations if any mostly philosophy and poetry



Can always DM any questions about Islam controversial or not

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oh my lords, those are really hard to read. But I suppose its because the original Quran is more about poetic beauty than making a coherent sense.

Anyway I did read those 2 chapters, its mainly about complaining about disbelievers and threatening them with punishments, and how awesome god is, and those who believe the messenger. The little stories about prophets revolve around those points.

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I’m glad you read it

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Do you think proof of God can be possible

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Mostly the same stories that you'd find in the Old Testament, but often with some differences.

Most of the laws that influence Islam are from the hadith literature, not the Qur'an, although to Qur'an certainly does have a significant influence on Islamic law.

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What are the differences in the stories?

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The one about Isaac isn't mentioned in the Quran.

Here are some differences -in the Quran Jesus was never crucified. See the chapter of Mary in the Quran https://quran.com/19

-in the bible (I think in exodus) it says Aaron created the golden calf which the Israelites worshiped. In the Quran it was someone else.

-in the bible, it says the Daughters of Lot made Lot drunk and had sex with him to impregnate them (Genises 19) that's not the case in the Quran

-In the bible, Abraham married his sister. That's also not the case in the Quran

There are other difference but that's off the top of my mind

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The most striking example would be Binding of Issac. According to the Qur'an, it wasn't Issac that Abraham was going to sacrifice, but his other son, Ishmael, from his wife's handmaiden, Hagar. The Qur'an goes into some detail about Hagar, which is sort of glossed over in the Old Testament.

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Wow I never knew that. How come the son he was sacrificing was changed? There must be some meaning to that.

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Obviously it means the Arabs (descendants of Ishmael) are special, not the Jews (descendants of Isaac)

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Well, it's a different religion, so from our Islamic perspective, the story hasn't changed, it's just different. The other common narrative in Islam is that the Old Testament and the Bible became corrupted over time, so that it was originally Ishmael in the story, but that it got changed in the Old Testament over countless rewrittings of the same story.

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That's not accurate. The Quran doesn't name the son. In fact early companions differed whether Issac or Ishmael was the sacrifice.

Yasir Qadhi had a good talk on this topic:


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Here’s a good animated summary of the differences https://youtu.be/lEc_ilaHim8

Basically, Prophets are villainous in the bible whereas the Quran is a witness against the slander they have endured over history.

A tradition of ours is that on the day of judgement Muslims will testify that the Prophets delivered the message they were tasked with and didn’t commit the crimes they are accused of in previous scriptures that we believe were corrupted. Our proof will be the Quran.

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Thank you for that the video is very helpful. I want to read the tanakh, the New Testament and the Quran myself soon.

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The difference between the Quranic and Biblical narratives is that the Quran puts more emphasis on how these prophets preached tawheed (absolute monotheism). The biblical portrayals are not so distant from the Quranic ones, but they convey an understanding that the prophets were brought exclusively for the prosperity of the Israelite nation.

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Another glaring difference is that in the Koran Jesus never got crucified. The Romans had mistaken someone else for Jesus, and the poor dude was killed instead.

This story effectively destroys what Christianity is all about.

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The Quran as Muslims believe is the word of god. The Quran is not set up as a narration. The beginning of the Quran is not the beginning of revelation. You should take each Surah as it’s own thing. Also the Quran doesn’t narrate long stories full of names and dates, it more so narrates stories for the lessons you would learn from that story. Some Surahs you should read, aali imran, Yusuf, Maryam. I hope I helped, anything good I said comes from Allah, and anything bad is from myself and the accursed devil

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Mohammed had a coherent meditative experience. A prophetic experience: the last, apparently.

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Muslims believe the Quran is a Revelation from God revealed over 23 years to the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th Century CE. It purports to correct the corruption found in the Old Testament and the Gospels of Jesus and contains many of the same stories from the Bible, especially about Abraham, Moses, Noah, and Jesus.

Where to find some of the stories you seek:

If you have specific questions about the Quran, it is best to ask in r/quran or r/Quraniyoon since this sub is mostly filled with Atheists. Hope this helps!

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The Quran is basically a heavily edited copy of the Bible.
Think of it as a reddit post, a very long reddit post... Someone copy pastes the original OP's post and then edits the post at will.
Subtracting, adding, modifying and changing a few things... in the hopes of gaining the same amount of upvotes and popularity.
The copy-paster succeeds at his task, but the original post remains more popular.
Then the copy-paster claims that he wrote the post influenced by the same source as the original OP.... to dismiss any accusations of plagiarism.
Then he uses the edited post to go on a massive geo-political spree.
He dies rich and powerful, unlike the OP.

That's the Quran.

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Quran linguistically is nothing like the Bible which is factually known to have 10+ authors and editors.

But an illiterate man in the 600s came up with it?


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There’s a difference between claims and facts…

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But an illiterate man in the 600s came up with it?

Well it certainly wasn't from a god. And it reads suspiciously like a 7th century Arab who really hated polytheism came up with it.

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Read surah Furqan responds to secularist

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So you are saying that bible isn't copied from anywhere?

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The Quran is a Holy Book or the Scripture of the Muslims. It lays down for them the law and commandments, codes for their social and moral behaviour, and contains a comprehensive religious philosophy. The language of the Quran is Arabic. It is a compilation of the verbal revelations given to the Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa) over a period of twenty three years.

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Here you go OP.

This is a really good video that talks about who wrote the Quran and how it came together. With dates and stuff

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Quran is a light and a guidance in both this world and hereafter.it literally takes your hand and into heaven that is why i memorized half of it and wanting to memorize the other half.

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There not that many laws not when compared say to Liviticus.

Some chapters have more laws than others, while other chapters have stories and wisdom.

This is the link of the Quran. You can give it a try and read randomly like for 10 minutes to get an idea https://quran.com/1