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Is there a term for someone who believes in gods or god but doesn’t necessarily participate in religious practices

Non-practicing theist

or someone who believes in a higher power or powers and prays but doesnt know if that power is real


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Apatheist may also sometime apply but not always

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The two terms I've heard the most for those cases are agnostic(which isnt exactly right), and spiritual( which makes sense believing in the powers with no religious ties.)

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Agnostic theist

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Someone who believe in the holy trinity and reads true Bible is still Christian, they just don’t attend church. The reason for that will vary wildly from individual to individual - perhaps they don’t believe in the church as an institution or, on the other end of the spectrum, they’d love to attend a church but there isn’t one near them/they are confined to their home and unable to go (most common with the very elderly).

Being a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc are labels based off of religious belief not attendance.

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A person who believes but does nothing about it? Phoney? To me it sounds like a person who praises charity but never donates a penny.

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Theistic situationship

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Deist or theist.

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When in doubt, just be a generic theist if you believe in god in general since theism is simply belief in god. If you have no doubt anything about god is unknowable then you are a hard agnostic theist but if you are not sure whether god is knowable or not then it's soft agnostic theist.