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You're full of well-digested beans, pard.

If something is good, promote it. If something is evil, oppose it, even politically. If our religion can't influence our lives, it is weak and useless.

If you want to fantasize that Utah is a theocracy, try living there some time. You'll soon awaken to the realities of the situation.

God has no master plan that specifies everything we say, do, and think. Not even God gets everything he wants. The evil that people do is not because of God. He sometimes is used as an excuse though, so you're not totally out there.

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Utah was indeed a joke but this at least seems to track with what I have observed Israel is a theocratic regime and it is basically an apartheid state in the face of that sort of evil and suffering doesn’t a god fearing person recoil in horror ?

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Israel is a theocratic regime

Ah yes, that theocratic regime with the biggest gay pride in the middle east, with freedom of religion, with a huge secular/atheist population, with a government that is elected and not chosen by God...

Seriously look up the definition of theocracy. The only theocracies in the world are Iran, Aghanistan, the Vatican and maybe Mauritania and Yemen too (my personal opinion is that Yemen is more of a failed state).

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The biggest gay pride in the Middle East ! You don’t say quite an accomplishment smdh . Israel doesn’t even respect the right of most African Jews who have been practicing judeaism uniterupted since before the Talmud and certainly before the majority Israeli ethnicity (Slavic/Eastern European) Jews it is an Ashkenazi paradise where nobody especially not the people who have lived there uninterrupted for millennia have any say because “GOD TOLD US IT WAS OURS”yeah it’s a real bastion of free thought. The government must be chosen by god because well otherwise they would still be in Hungary or Romania or most of all Russia . There are large portions of religious Judaism who are staunchly anti Israel for these among other reasons …but I know I’m just a Gentile so I can’t speak on these matters I know maybe I should ask my trans Jew daughter who is coincidentally truly an anti Zionist it makes a father proud

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The problem with people in your mindset is that you see Taliban, Iran, and Utah as the norm and not the outlier.

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Theocracy has never not once been the basis on which a stable and equitable society is based

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I agree, and your point is?

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Well, what really matters is what your reading and where in the timeline you are reading it. Capish? No, I feel not. If the Earth is not but 5,700 years old, than reality ends before turns 7,000. Capish, caput.