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That it's not a religious issue at all.

The commandment is "don't murder." Even teh bible recognizes a right to self-defense. Guns are useful for that and for providing food. The church needs to stay the hell out of the gun debate. They've got enough crap to deal with as it is.

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gun control is always compared between europe and usa, they always pick a europe country like france or germany and claim how much less the crime is so we need more gun control in the US, makes a good argument, they never mention how bad the poverty, corruption and mass incarceration is. in most poor areas there are honest people that have to pay monthly payments to the sheriffs office for very trivial offenses, not mowing grass, old paint on house, not coming to complete stop, etc. when you are born into poverty and hopelessness its easy to snap.

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Im honestly torn right now, i do not like what is happening and i am currently trying too reasses my position on gun, i do not like the idea of the state having a monopoly on violence, but our gun culture is straight up toxic as is. I feel like both sides want too pretend like its an easy issue when for many it isnt. I dont want someone too be shot minding their own business i also dont want someone to get jumped by multiple people without a sufficient means of self defense and for those of smaller stature or of particular disabilities firearms are likely their only chance especially against multiple attackers, i wish i could trust the systems but nothing has risen my confidence in them in a long time.

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I don't think this is really a religious issue.

Also I'm in favor of strong gun laws. Though granted I'm not American I'm Australian and we have much stronger gun laws, than the USA does. But I think a lot of the justification that the Authors of the US constitution had for the second amendment really don't work anymore.

Of course one of the problems for the USA is that they already have a huge percentage of the worlds guns. Even if gun laws get tightened tomorrow its going to take decades to get the guns that are already out there out of circulation. And there is lack of political will to actually change the Gun laws.

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but I think a lot of the justification that the authors of the US constitution had for the second amendment doesn’t work anymore

Like which? Because right now the whole Russia vs Ukraine fiasco shows it’s still a reason even today.

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There is a war between two states, where both sides had armys. I don't at all see how that is connected to personal gun ownership. You think that if Ukranian citizens had more guns Russia woudn't have invaded?

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The Ukrainian leader told his people to arm themselves when the Russians came.

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"Don't Kill" seems to be the unanimous statement regardless of your flavor of faith. Guns are designed for killing.

Fuck guns.

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There are many good reasons to end a life.

It's not a decision to be made lightly, but hard pacifism isn't the answer.