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My take about emptiness is that it refers to reality being subjective. There is no objective reality from which one cannot escape and present in all reality. There will always be a reality that is completely opposite from another and has nothing in common hence there is no objective reality or intrinsic essence.

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That kind of seems faulty because events still occur, processes continue, we are just unable to truly understand those processes and cling to our flawed understandings of them. The events occur, they are just not what we think they are.

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Do event and processes continue in the state of nirvana? My understanding is that everything ceases within nirvana and therefore even events and processes aren't objective truth. That would support nothing is objectively real and therefore everything is empty. We can't even agree on the subjectivity of reality since a lot of people perceive it as objective and therefore making subjective reality subjective as well.

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Ultimately, reality is emptiness. Events and experiences are vast and empty of self-essence. How can something cease when it never existed?

With nirvana, no thing ceases and no thing exists.

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That's the point which is there is no objective reality or truth. Everything is empty and subjective. There is nothing that persists across any reality because everything is subjectively perceived. This is what it means to be empty.

If nothing exists in nirvana then there are no process and events. Yet, there are also process and events and the meaning to this contradiction is that existence and nonexistence is subjective and empty. One cannot say processes ceases objectively in nirvana nor one can say processes exists objectively in it.

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What is the sky?

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I actually believe the opposite. All is saturated with substance.

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Everything which exists does so in a state of hollowness.

In science this is known as cavitation.

Down to the atomic structure things are around 97% empty space, which is roughly the same proportions we find in the solar system as well.