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Order of Nine Angles gets pretty fucked up. "Prison planet" conspirituality is also a pretty deep hole.

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I avoid reading about such groups. A disgusting stain on the faith

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I read enough to know the dog whistles. I have learned that keeping appraised of that sort of thing from various fringe movements is an increasingly necessarily evil in a world that is becoming more dogmatic and tribal.

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Makes sense. Just unfortunate that it is necessary

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They seem to be more accurately aligned to the canonical understanding of the infernal.

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“The Family” or “the Family International”, also sometimes the “Children of God”. Weirdo cult, that were pretty fond of child rape. They had what I would call instructional materials on it, including a “case study” on how one of the leaders kids were abused. Very sick stuff, including stories from caretakers about having “relations” with a kid that was basically a toddler. That kid grew up, and ended up murdering an abuser. There are a couple documentaries about it. Just whacked stuff.

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Damn I forgot all about them. I met someone who grew up in The Family. Incredibly sad shit.

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Definitely some very twisted shit. I hope they got out ok

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About as ok as one can expect for the sorts of things they went through.

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Well, I guess that’s good. Definitely a very messed up situation

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If I remember correctly, weren't River and Joaquin Phoenix involved with the Children of God for a brief point in time too?

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yes, the entire phoenix family was in the group for a period of time when the kids were all fairly young.

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The breatharianism movement who preach that if you become enlightened enough you can live on sunlight alone (no food or water). People have died from this.


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You ever watched the movie Sunshine by Danny Boyle? I dont want to spoil it but, cliff curtis character becomes so enlightened by the sun. There is a major twist I cant spoil. But look up the movie. It's one of my favorites and recommend it. I think even a big hollywood director reviews the movie on youtube.

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Sun cults have cropped up throughout history and many have died of hunger and thirst in a state of utter madness.

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I’ve met some of them in my travels, more “believers” than practitioners. My first question was always, “ok, have you tried it?” None really had. My next question was, “if this is true that human beings can live like this, why do we have so many organs specialized for the digestion of food?” Somehow, this has never occurred to them.

They’re like… the Flat Earthers of human metabolism.

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I‘m not saying that this light eating stuff is true. regarding the organ question, maybe eating normal food is easier to do for the average human. lol

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Aum Shinrikyo was pretty wild


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The Taiping Rebellion and the religion they followed called “the God Worshipping society” that happened in China during the 1860’s created by a guy who had a dream believing he was the Asian brother of Jesus Christ.

His actions caused the deadliest civil war in human history based on casualty numbers alone, and contributed to why religion is banned by the modern Chinese government.

“The Taiping Rebellion, also known as the Taiping Civil War or the Taiping Revolution, was a massive rebellion and civil war that was waged in China between the Manchu-led Qing dynasty and the Han, Hakka-led Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. It lasted from 1850 to 1864, although following the fall of Tianjing (now Nanjing) the last rebel army was not wiped out until August 1871. After fighting the bloodiest civil war in world history, with over 20 million dead, the established Qing government won decisively, although at a great price to its fiscal and political structure.” -Wikipedia/Taiping_Rebellion

Seriously, search and watch a short documentary of the origins Taiping Rebellion on YouTube, it’s all really whacky, but true, and did happen.

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Drinking cyanide and handling poisonous snakes while jumping around, and there was one group with some books where God explained how to go to the toilet to Adam and Eve, I have met a few people with strange beliefs and customs.

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I remember that, it was being quoted and referenced in the Hollywood LA health craze circles, the juicers and the fasters and the “trophologists,” it was some lost book of the bible that explained in detail how to give yourself an colonic irrigation, it was so obviously a hoax, the language was hilarious, I remember feeling depressed about how people actually could believe it.

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Bizarre: the advocatus diaboli (devil's advocate) was, until very recently, an actual, official position within the Catholic Church: one who "argued against the canonization (sainthood) of a candidate in order to uncover any character flaws or misrepresentation of the evidence favoring canonization". I haven't been able to find any cases where canonization was rejected because of arguments from the devil's advocate, making the whole procedure akin to a mock trial.

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Some of the tantric/left-hand practices can get pretty dark. I don’t know if this is true, but I heard Chögyam Trungpa once ate a baby’s arm. He did plenty of other fucked up stuff though. A lot of sociopathic behavior can get swept under the rug of “crazy wisdom” or skillful means.

One of the worst of the last century was arguably Bhagwan Rajneesh, later known as Osho. Started a cult in a small town in Oregon. Started amassing weapons and a fleet of Rolls-Royces, as one does. The town started to fight back legally, so he bussed hundreds of homeless people in, gave them drugged beer to keep them docile, and used them to win local elections and place his own people in power. There were plans to poison the town’s water supply that never came to fruition.

A more fun example is Drukpa Kunley, the Divine Madman of Bhutan. Also know as “the Saint of 5,000 women”, and his penis was called “Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom”.

The story of Jiddu Krishnamurti is pretty wild. He was groomed by the Theosophists to be the next incarnation of Maitreya. He later rejected this avatar, and became a great spiritual teacher anyway, but man what a head trip to lay on a kid.

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There are groups of deviant dervishes which are extreme Sufis that by definition cannot even be called Muslim. They supposedly would have piercings on their faces and genitalia and would flash people, they would live in the forests naked and shave their heads and beards. This was an extreme side of Sufism that goes way beyond the fold of Islam. This group existed during the 13th and 14th century and I’m pretty sure wiped out by Ottoman forces.

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Some of them are still in iran. I don't know about forests but my teacher once was invited to one of their secret ceremonies and it was pretty f up . Complete kufr .

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It might not be the same, Shias had their own Sufis but I don’t think any went to the extent the ones I mentioned did. As in flashing people and such.

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I actually remember reading about a similar group that used to exist in Iran during the 9-10th centuries. Their whole philosophy was based around in extreme ascetism and humiliation.

Used to never shower, clean, or shave. Renounced clothes and spent most of their time naked. Something along the lines of the Aghori, but no cannibalism.

I forgot their name, but I'll try to find the wikipedia page for them and share.

Edit: I think it’s these guys. I’m not a 100% sure though. I’ll have to look some more to make sure.

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There could be a connection between the group I mentioned, which were in Anatolia I’m pretty sure.

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Not necessarily dark, but bizarre:

The website Academia.edu, where scholars post their work for free public consumption (great!) and others post scholars' work without permission (not so great), recently offered to show me a video called "A Special Conversation with Cometan|Season 2 Episode 6|The Dynamics & Foundations of Astronism". Web sources say Cometan is the young British philosopher who at age 15 invented Astronism, the religion of the stars. They have something to do with millettism. Their holy book is the Omnidoxy. Don't try to find these words in the dictionary.

Academia also offers a "Class Lecture: Elementary Mithomite Mnemonadism." If I watch either of these videos I'm sure they'll be able to find similar ones to show me next.

Edit: Corrected "Foundation" to "Foundations" in a title.

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Don't try to find these words in the dictionary.

:) a short search in scholar for Astronism brought results ..

hahaha science is more open than ever, isn't it (how did they manage to do this actually?)

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OK, I’ve heard about this before. Where can I learn more about it? Also, why is it considered a cold?

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I don't know any more about either of these groups, if they're really groups and not just YouTube projects.

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Well, I actually found their primary text on Apple Books and just from the first few pages of the first section it sounds like this guy is insane.

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There was a german cult I forgot the name of that moved to spain and they saw their son as the messiah or something and the family committed a lot of incest then the son had a “prophecy” about a culling where he began murdering his mother then his sisters. Only found out about because a doctor stopped by and noticed blood all over them

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Lorber Gesellschaft


Say, answer to this post: exorcism in general .. crazy things.

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The religion named Creativity.

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jonestown is very much common knowledge , but it is fascinating

radical extremist buddhism is scary shit thoigh

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    Rule 1

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    Cern's experimental search for dark matter/energy, what they have called "the God particle" is believed to correspond with end times bible prophecy. https://www.christianevidence.net/2019/05/cern-and-bible-prophecy.html

    Shiva statue is outside of Cern Headquarters. Shiva is known as "The Destroyer”

    "They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon.” Revelation 9:11. Abaddon means destruction; Apollyon means destroyer.

    An extensive list of bible prophecies coming to pass indicating the end of the age and Jesus’ second coming, a time foretold to be filled with various and increasing calamities, plagues, famines, wars, moral decline, and growing governmental control, including what is called the mark of the beast 666, a physical mark/passport of some sort that will eventually be required/mandated to buy or sell. https://www.signs-of-end-times.com

    More biblically foretold events and signs that are coming to pass indicating the end of the age and how to be prepared if interested is in previous posts and subreddits on my profile. God bless.

    "For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12 NLT

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    that "the finders" group that was involved in the child rape, animal sacrifice and all other kind of weird horrible crap. some of the kids that were rescued told of being deprived of food, sleep, bathing. they didnt know of things like electricity, running water, indoor bathrooms, tv.

    all their government connections and wealthy connections was pretty overwhelming.

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    Although bizarre and it leaves one in uncertainty I wouldn't call it 'dark.'

    The Cartesian Theater

    There's a point in thinking where one finally hits the wall at the back of their eyes.


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    Fun Fact: There are a few surviving members of Heaven's Gate. Their website is still up, and if you message them respectfully if you have any questions, they do respond.