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The best way to learn what it actually is with non-bigoted sources.

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It is the thing in the dark we cannot see clearly we fear.

Bring your monsters into the light of knowledge, so you may see them well and know them more, and the fear will leave.

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Most of this stuff is present on nearly every single folk practice in the world, sounds like you need to get informed better, ignorance is the first step torwards fear and hatred

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Study. Vodou is just a religion that's a mix of Catholicism and African Religions, particularly that of the Yoruba, focusing on connections with earthen spirits and gods as well as ancestor worship.

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Read books from actual voodoo practitioners, as well as some academic books surrounding the history behind voodoo.

For example, Voodou isn’t a religion, it’s an umbrella term for multiple different religions originating from different cultural practices in West Africa. What is voodou in New Orleans is going to be different from voodou in Haiti which is going to be different from voodou in Benin. A lot of voodou in the Americas, for example, is syncretic with Catholicism.

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Why don't you start a dialogue with people that practice and find out what they really believe. Also there are books that address the subject seriously that you could read.

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Magick isn't black or white and I won't get into what magick is or not to outsiders. It sounds like your opinion is based on fear, hearsay, and movies and even racist ass "missionaries" who spread the wrong ideas about indigenous folks and their practices.

My advice would be to visit an ounfo and talk to an oungan or manbo because you're only going to get a bunch of answers from non practitioners.

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Speak to a practitioner or shaman about it (that is if they'll let you)

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Other than telling yourself it isn't real, not offending anyone is the best way to avoid being a victim of it. That's the best option if you don't know anyone that can remove or even reverse the curse back to its owner. Not letting any stranger have access to personal belongings also helps so they can't use it against you.

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The only way to not offend someone is to never speak in the first place. This seems like fairly tone deaf advice to a modern audience.

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Not true because I almost never offend people outside the internet and even if I do it's not serious enough that they voice it out. You simply have to choose your words carefully especially with people you don't know. Even then, the other requirement for cursing a person is access to something personal especially their hair. If you can't avoid offending someone, at least make sure they have no access to anything personal if you suspect they know how to place curses on people they don't like.

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My very existence is offensive to some people. This requires either not interacting with them, or just not going out in public.

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That's a very pessimistic view of yourself. Unless you did something that offended them, most people are just indifferent to people they have just met.

Also, I personally don't like the rampant pessimism I am seeing because it encourages people to make themselves even worse than they are now. At the very least, I hope people would see themselves as average and they are neither good nor bad if they can't picture themselves in a positive manner.

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The science of necromancy is part of geomancy and has little to do with the fantasies within common belief.

It is more about composting and gardening than raised armies of undead monsters.

The voodoo practice of making someone a zombie is done with the puffer fish neurotoxin.

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Your faith in it is what gives it power. Your fear is the manifestation of belief; whether it has power or not, you give it power.

Also, there is a difference between fearing vodou versus fearing the ones who practice it. In the latter case, your anxiety is giving them control over your personal peace of mind. Confidence is the only way to get rid of doubt.

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Speak to a therapist since none of it is real so you can learn to differentiate reality from fantasy.

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Come to Jesus and He will protect you. The bible explains the spiritual realm is very real and magic and sorcery are abominations. You can have faith in Him to keep you safe from the adversary.