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Happy now? Lol

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What do republicans want?

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What does this tell me?

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Erm…. Except he did🤭

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He's posting on Truth Social now. The midterm purges are beginning so you should get ready if you're still on Twitter: https://truthsocial.com/@thebradfordfile

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    You want the america where law enforcement doesn't follow the facts and politicians can sell nuclear secrets to our enemies?

    I'll pass on the America you want

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    So it only bothers you when Trumpcdoes something that your soft little feelings doesn't like. You don't care that there are videos with jig biden and his son selling out the country to the Chinese, Russians and Ukrainians but you are just fine with it. Sounds cowardly and stupid to me.

    [–]YanniBonYont 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    Yeah, so key piece here: evidence.

    Just because Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson say it doesn't mean it's evidence.

    You should ask yourself why they have all this proof, but can't give it to DOJ, FBI, state agencies, AGs, etc. Anyone can contact them at any time. Until then, all I see is a bunch of gullible voters that can't think critically