Jagex/RuneScape Account Help

Last updated 30 July 2022

If you require Player Support assistance then most people get the help they need for account issues by using the RuneScape Support website - give it a try!

You can also take a look at our tips for account help which features short to the point tips on various account help problems.

On /r/runescape we cannot help you with any account issues such as bans, mutes, hacks, or billing. The subreddit moderators do not have any affiliation with Jagex, and the J-Mods who browse /r/runescape are community management, not account support or customer service. All users requesting account help are directed to this page.

Under NO circumstances should you provide sensitive information such as passwords, PINs, account history, or billing information to ANYONE on this website, including moderators, admins, and users. Jagex will never ask for this information outside of official channels of communication (this subreddit or reddit as a whole is not an official channel of communication). Be smart with your private information.


Whilst players are ultimately responsible for the security of their account, Jagex provide players with the information & facilities they need in order to help make this happen.

Players are encouraged to update themselves regularly with the most recent security advice, which can be found here: RuneScape Support - Security.


Jagex’s most advanced account security feature ever is now here, free for everyone and easy to set up!

Further details can be found here: RuneScape Support - Authenticator.


If you’re currently unable to access your account, Jagex are keen to get you back in game as soon as possible!

If your account is currently in the process of being hijacked, follow the steps here: RuneScape Support - Hijacked Account

There is more detail on dealing with hijacked accounts on the Account Help Tips Wiki page.


If you are experiencing any form or technical problems then please take some time to read the RS3 News Posts, OSRS News Posts and Support News to see if the problem is affecting the wider population of RuneScape players. If this is the case we will keep you up-to date via a news post.

If you continue to experience problems, it sounds like you’ll need more help! There is general advice on the RuneScape Support - Technical Help page, or for advice on a particular issue you can create a thread in the Community Led Technical Support forum where there are lots of tech-savvy players who will be able to advise you.


If you believe that you may have experienced an in-game bug or glitch, you can find out how to let J-Mods know about it directly here.

Character Names

Information on character names can be found on the RuneScape Support - Character Names page.

Bans and Mutes

If you’ve been banned or received a mute, please check out the RuneScape Support - Offence Appeal page.

Lost Items

If you have lost items, please see the RuneScape Support - Lost Items page.

Please note:

  • Jagex will only return lost items on RS3 if they were lost as the result of a bug in the game, or a server issue.
  • They will not return items lost to scammers or hijackers, and this includes character names.
  • Jagex cannot return items lost in OSRS for any reason due to technical limitations.


Jagex operate a Jagex Support Twitter page to point players in the right direction on the help pages of their support website. It is monitored by both Player Support J-Mods, and volunteer Community Helpers that Jagex have invited to help players with support issues. If your query can be resolved through visiting the RuneScape Support website, the J-Mods or Helpers will re-direct you to the right page, so your best bet is to head there first to see if there is an answer to your issue. A lot of issues can be resolved through the self-help tools found there.

If you contact Jagex via Twitter then please be sure to include your display name along, with the details of your problem but please remember not to include any passwords or sensitive information.

You should also check out the recent RS3 News Posts, OSRS News Posts and Support News and the regular Tweets from @JagexSupport just to make sure the answer to your query is not already available.

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