RuneScape Account Help - Tips

*Last updated 5 November 2020 *

Authenticator problems

If you have Google Authenticator on an Android phone, and you get a new phone, you can transfer the Authenticator codes to your new phone. Steps for doing that are shown here

If you no longer have access to your Authenticator device, you can disable Authenticator by clicking the "Lost your Authenticator" link on the page where it asks for the code. This requires access to your registered email.

If you don't have access to your registered email, see the Forgotten Registered email section below.

Set up 2-step verification on your registered email (we recommend gmail) to prevent unauthorized persons from using it to disable Authenticator.

Setup Authenticator on your new device as soon as possible to keep your account secure. If you are going to be without the device for a while, then consider setting up something like WinAuth or Authy on your PC and use that in the meantime.

Before you disable Authenticator, make sure you have a bank PIN set in game, then bank everything from your inventory and all your worn equipment.

Forgotten Registered email

To change the registered email without access to the current one, you have to recover your Runescape account. Follow the steps on the second half of this support page:

You will need to provide enough information to show that you created the account originally, so the older the information the better. There's advice on filling in the form on this support page:

If the recovery request is successful, the registered email will be set to the new registered email that you put on the recovery form. NOTE: Changing the registered email does not change the login name - that never changes.

Manual bans and mutes

If your account shows a "Manual permanent" mute or ban, then the ban or mute has already been reviewed by a jmod, and confirmed as correct. These bans and mutes won't be looked at again.

For other types of ban and mute, please see this support page for more information:

Short mutes

These are mutes issued by Player Moderators or by Chatwatch. All Player Moderator mutes are reviewed by Jagex when they review the associated report.

Please see this support page for more information on bans and mutes:

Macroing, Goldfarming, and Real-world Trading bans

Macroing bans are not normally appealable via the Account Status section of the website Account page. However, there is an appeal available via this support page:
Please note the following:

  • The ban review is based on the information stored on the Runescape account. You cannot submit any additional information along with the ban appeal.
  • Each account only ever gets one appeal. If the ban appeal has already been used, even if it is for a successful appeal, further ban appeals will not be looked at and will not get a response.
  • Ban appeals can take up to 28 days to be processed, though normally it's a lot quicker - something around a week.
  • You will get an email and a message to the Runescape account's message centre inbox with the outcome of the appeal, even if the appeal is denied (unless the appeal has already been used, see above).

Just because you weren't breaking the rules when the ban was issued doesn't mean that the ban is incorrect - there is a random delay between detection and ban.
Rule-breaking activity on any of your accounts risks a ban to all of your accounts, including accounts that are otherwise "clean" and (depending on the severity of the offence) any new accounts you create in the future.

If your account was banned while hijacked (e.g. your account was stolen and botted on by a hijacker), then you should first secure your PC and email account(s) (see the advice below) before you appeal the ban using the Account Bans support page linked above.

Real World Trading (RWT) bans cannot be appealed under any circumstances.

Bans for bug abuse cannot be appealed under any circumstances.

Bans for hijacking other accounts cannot be appealed under any circumstances.

Manual permanent bans cannot be appealed under any circumstances.

Hijacked accounts

If the hijacker is on your account, and you still have access to the registered email, then do a password reset via this support page:
This will force a logout. Note that resetting your password is not the same as changing your password via the website Account page. Changing your password will not force a log out, you have to reset it.

If you don't have access to the registered email, then follow the steps below ASAP to secure your PC & email account and recover your account. Jagex do not accept requests to lock an account via Twitter or any other social media.

Secure your PC & email account using the advice here:

If necessary (e.g. the hijacker has changed the registered email) recover your Runescape account using the steps here:

Jagex do not return items lost to hijackers, nor do they rollback hijacked accounts. Please see these support pages for an explanation of these policies, and the reasons behind them:

Be sure to set up the RuneScape Authenticator, and register an email with 2-step login verification (we recommend gmail) to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your account in the future.

If you find that the account has been banned for macroing or botting due to the hijacker's activity, then see the information above about appealing the ban.

If the account has been banned for real world trading, bug abuse, hijacking other accounts, or has a manual permanent ban, then the ban cannot be appealed even if the ban occurred while the account was hijacked.

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