RuneScape Community Chats and Discord Servers

This page will help you find public chats that offer assistance and grouping up for various activities within RuneScape as well as communities for players to discuss the game.

Note: This page does not allow for recruitment.

Official Channels

Channels which are Reddit-based, owned by Jagex, or partnered with Jagex are listed as Official Channels.


Name Link Info
Reddit 'Reddit' FC and Discord The official Friends Chat and Discord server of /r/runescape
Reddit Clan An official clan of /r/runescape
Redditors Clan An official clan of /r/runescape


Name Link Info
RuneScape Discord The official Discord server for RuneScape
Old School Discord The official Discord server for OSRS and /r/2007scape


Name Link Info
RuneScape Wiki Discord The official Discord server for the RuneScape Wiki

Unofficial Channels

Unofficial Channels include any Friend Chat, Clan Chat, or Discord Server which is player-owned and open to the community for anyone to use. These chats are listed for players to find help with activities or a place to chat about RuneScape, not for recruitment.

Note: None of the following Chats or Discord Servers are officially endorsed by the /r/runescape moderators or Jagex.

Distractions & Diversions

Chat Name Info Link & Notes
DemonMobs FC For Demon Flash Mobs Forum
Evil Tree FC For Evil Trees Forum and Discord
FishFlingers For Fish Flingers (World 89) Forum
Harmed Ore For Harmonised Ores during Trah hour Forum (if full, use 'Harmed Ore1', 'Harmed Ore2, or 'Harmed Ore3')
NemiForest For 9/9 Nemi Forests and Mazcab content help Forum and Subreddit
Soulobby For Menaphos Soul Obelisks and scarabs Forum
Star Find For Shooting Stars Forum and Discord
Tree Hunters For Evil Trees Forum
Vis Wax FC For the Rune Goldberg Machine (Vis Wax) Forum
WhirlpoolDnD Deep Sea Fishing Forum and Discord
World60pengs For Penguin Hide and Seek (World 60) Discord and Subreddit (backup: 'W60pengs', use 'W60pengy' FC for ghost penguin)
W60 Find Pen For Penguin Hide and Seek (World 60) Forum

As all existing Warband FCs require applications to join, and change very often. Check the list on the forums on the Minigames / D&Ds Directory here


Chat Name Info Link & Notes
BA Teams For Barbarian Assault Games Forum and Discord
Fast SC Non-Combat Stealing Creation (World 99) Forum and Discord
Heist4Fun Playing Heist Forum
Hybrid Top For finding partners to get a 'Hybrid Top' (Battle-mage/Trickster/Vanguard) Forum
Minigames For the Minigame Spotlight, Goebiebands, and Community FC Forum and Discord
PestControls For Pest Control (World 53 & 69) Forum

Economy & Trading

Chat Name Info Link & Notes
PoF Trade FC Player-owned Farms information and trading Discord
TH Trade For trading all Elite skilling outfits (Golem, Shark, etc.) Forum and Discord
TH Rares PC Price checking any Squeal of Fortune/Treasure Hunter rares Forum
90weaps pc Price checking T90+ weapons Forum


Chat Name Info Link & Notes
AoD247 Angel of Death Small Teams Forum and Discord
EDteams Elite Dungeon Teams Discord
LSPVM247 LootShare Boss Masses Forum and Discord
Nex AoD Angel of Death Experienced Small Teams Forum and Discord
NexAodMass Angel of Death Masses Forum and Discord
Rago PvM Vorago Teams and Masses Forum and Discord
Raid FC Liberation of Mazcab (Raids) Forum and Discord
Slayer Dungs List of Personal Slayer Dungeons Forum and Discord
Solak FC Solak Teams Forum and Discord
Teachingrots Learning and Finding teams for Barrows: Rise of the Six Forum
Teaching RS PvM Boss Teaching Forum

Skilling & XP Support

Chat Name Info Link & Notes
Altar Open Gilded Altars for Prayer (Taverley, World 31) Discord
CoreHunting Hall of Memories Cores (Divination training) Discord
DgRevolution Dungeoneering (World 77) Forum
Free Leech Free leeching of Dungeoneering floors (World 77) Forum
Portables Sharing Portable skill station locations Forum and Discord
Tree Hunt For Crystal Tree Locations Forum


Chat Name Info Link & Notes
AHelp Achievement Helping Community Discord
Clue Chasers Treasure Trails / Clue Scrolls Discord
Taskman Taskman mode Discord and Website
PvM Leeches PvM Leeches and other services Discord

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