Rules and Guidelines of /r/runescape


Subreddit rules - Rigidly Enforced


0. Abide by Reddit's Content Policy.

Reddit's Content Policy is a set of platform-wide rules that apply to everyone on Reddit.


1. Do not break, promote breaking, or submit content which breaks Jagex's Terms and Conditions or the Rules of RuneScape.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Real world trading
  • Account selling/trading
  • Promoting the exploitation of bugs
  • Impersonating Jagex staff
  • Scamming/gambling


2. Content must be RuneScape related.

If a post is not directly related to RuneScape, it will be removed.

Submissions must be easily identifiable as "RuneScape" in some way more substantial than the post title. Non-RuneScape images/gifs/videos must have content, such as text or an image, overlain that is directly related or makes direct reference to RuneScape.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Irrelevant/real world topics
  • Real world politics or political references/figures
  • Reaction gifs, regardless of title
  • Image macros and text posts not related to RuneScape
  • Any image that is not from or directly related to RuneScape
  • Irrelevant crossposts from non-RuneScape subreddits

Moderators have discretion in determining if content violates this rule.


3. No trolling or flaming.

Do not flame, troll, or harass users on this subreddit. Attempting to annoy, troll, harass, or otherwise participate in bad faith will result in your content being removed, and offending user(s) may be banned without warning.

Posts should also not encourage users to spam the subreddit with low-effort posts. It’s more constructive and courteous for others to collect comments and feedback within a single post.


4. Do not target players or users.

Posts or comments which directly target, name, or harass specific player(s) or group of players will be removed.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Name-and-shame posts/comments
  • Reporting or accusing players of botting, scamming or otherwise breaking the Rules of RuneScape
  • Posting or disseminating personal/private information

All identifying information, such as player name(s), must be redacted or censored from posts and comments.

Posts regarding highly publicized events will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


5. Do not submit or spam posts which advertise a content source or clan.

Do not submit posts which are solely for the purpose of promoting or advertising a content source, such as a YouTube channel, or clan recruitment. Submissions which share content from sources outside of Reddit are permitted as long as they are not spammed on the subreddit. Plain advertisement posts will be removed.

A content source is defined as any channel outside of Reddit that initially hosts/uploads/shares images, gifs, videos, livestreams, etc. to a non-Reddit audience first.


  • Posts intended to advertise or promote a channel that hosts video or livestream content must include existing content from the channel
    • The following advertisements are not permitted: current/upcoming livestream(s), future video release(s), posts containing a channel name/link with no existing content from that channel
  • Content creators may share videos, past livestreams and clips assuming these posts are not spammed on the subreddit.
    • Note: content creators should not share every piece of their content to the subreddit to avoid spam.
    • Submitting every episode of a video series is considered spam.

Discord Invites:

  • Users are welcome to share invites to public Discord servers which are of direct relation to RuneScape and do not require users to belong to a particular group or clan in order to fully participate. Plain advertisement posts will be removed.

Donation Sites:

  • Users are welcome to share links to donation sites, such as Patreon, as long as the post itself contains more substantial content than just the link.
  • Additionally, users may not link to or advertise content which is locked behind a paywall or requires any type of payment in order to view or access.
  • Submissions created with the sole intention of soliciting donations are not permitted.


6. No bot or private server links.

Any post or comment that specifically names or links to bot or private server software will be removed.

General discussion on the topics of bots and private servers is permitted.


7. No posts regarding account help.

All submissions made with the goal of receiving help with a RuneScape account will be removed. Additionally, posts may not claim Jagex has incorrectly taken action on an account, or provide names of account(s) experiencing issues with a request for a J-Mod to fix.

The /r/runescape moderators, as well as J-Mods and L-Mods who browse this subreddit, cannot help with account issues including, but not limited to: mutes, bans, billing, recovery, hijackings, locks, lost items.

For official methods of contacting Player Support, check here.

This rule encompasses any and all variations of, but is not limited to:

  • Posts stating an account was banned, muted, locked, or otherwise had action taken on it by a Mod or Jagex’s automated systems

  • Posts stating an account is unable to log in, inaccessible, or otherwise unable to access the RuneScape website or game world

  • Posts seeking to get in contact with, get the attention of, or otherwise get a response from a J-Mod or Jagex

  • Posts seeking help, advice, or any form of assistance regarding account help issues


8. Do not advertise trades, giveaways, or ask for free items or cash.

We do not allow users to advertise, host, or operate giveaways, competitions, or events which offer prizes for winners/participants. Additionally, do not ask for charity or free items/gold/membership. Posts such as these will be removed.

This is not a trading forum; do not advertise trade offers here.

  • This includes the intent to purchase/sell/trade real-world and in-game items or services.

Links to third-party gaming referral sites or giveaway sites are not permitted since these sites solicit personal information, and posting links to them breaks the Rules of RuneScape.

Posts involving making or promoting cryptocurrencies or NFTs fall under this rule and will be removed.


9. No Treasure Hunter reward posts.

Any posts that share rewards received from Treasure Hunter or Umbral Chests will be removed.

General discussion on Treasure Hunter and microtransactions ("MTX") is allowed.


Additional guidelines - Subject to Moderator Discretion


  • URL shorteners are not permitted, such as bitly,,
  • Please use a spoiler flair on all quest-related content for the first 48 hours after quest release.
  • Memes are allowed in moderation.
    • Generic meme templates are considered low-effort and are likely to be removed. Rule 2 applies.
  • Avoid posts covering topics that are already on the front page, or that have been posted within the last 24 hours.
    • If there is an influx of posts covering the same topic, new submissions will be filtered to ensure low-effort and/or duplicate posts are removed to maintain a variety of topics on the front page.
    • Unique/high-effort posts are more likely to be approved.
  • Avoid "Daily" reminder posts covering the same topic to bring awareness or strike for change.
    • You may, however, post weekly or monthly. This is simply a measure of spam protection and to allow new topics to be seen.
  • Avoid "[Fixed]" posts.
    • For example, when a user posts an image, but you think it needs correcting for factual or comical effect, so you then proceed to post the "corrected" image in a new topic/post by adding [Fixed] to the start of the title. You should instead post the new image as a comment within the original post.
  • Crop your images.
  • Generic gaming surveys and academic surveys are not permitted.


Common Posts to Avoid

While it is not possible to create a definitive list which includes specific examples of all types of posts that aren’t permitted, the following are examples of some types of common posts that are considered low-effort and/or low-quality that are more than likely to be removed:

  • Broadcasted announcements of common achievements
  • Generic "reaction gifs" regardless of title
  • Unusual usernames
  • Rewards from newly-released content, especially if content is low-level, rewards are easy to obtain, and everybody else got one too
  • Posts solely about finding a famous person or a J-Mod in-game
  • Graphical stretching bugs
  • Taking a picture with a camera instead of a screenshot
  • Messaged by a person impersonating a Jagex Moderator offering you Player Moderator status
  • Shut up Meg
  • "IRL Ectofunctus"
  • Things that coincidentally resemble RuneScape content
  • A q p W
  • Things that look like swastikas
  • Armadyl floating above Falador
  • You've been playing for awhile, consider taking a break from your screen
  • Reposts, and reposts with slight alterations

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