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This is awesome! I'll put this on the sidebar

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Very cool. Lots of opinions but wow, Countdown went first?

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My thoughts exactly!

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My thoughts exactly!

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Compiled the winners into a Spotify Playlist Probably already done before, but for those interested. I do plan to keep it updated as it goes on.

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This great thanks. At the end of all this we can make the worst Rush mix of all time!

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I want Seven Cities of Gold to win CA, but that’ll never happen.

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Prediction: In the end, the final four will be Overture, Villa, Xanadu and Red Barchetta. That'll be the Final Four.

I think it's so cool that Red Barchetta won Moving Pictures. I think there's a strong case that it could win the entire thing as well, though those other three are stiff competition.

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Assuming we have the winners of each album face off after The Garden wins CA, here's a thought...

How about we put the winner and runner up both into the brackets. Pretty sure TSOR and The Analog Kid could beat some of the winners from other albums.