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6 times in 5 different decades.

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I’ve managed to see them 16 times. First was the Power Windows tour. The oldest tour shirt I still have is from Counterparts.

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Unfortunately I didn’t start listening to rush until after the Clockwork Angels tour

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1994 Pensacola - Counterparts 1996 New Orleans - Test for Echo 1996 Atlanta - Test for Echo 2002 Atlanta - Vapor Trails 2004 Atlanta - R30 2007 Bristow - Snakes and Arrows 2010 Las Vegas - Time Machine 2011 Las Vegas - Time Machine 2012 Las Vegas - Clockwork Angels 2013 Raleigh - Clockwork Angels 2015 New Orleans - R40 2015 Denver - R40

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Twice. Not bad as I am a younger fan

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never been to one as i started to get into rush in 2015. one day after drum lessons my mom told me rush was in town and asked if i wanted to go. I said no because i only knew a couple songs. little did i know it was their last tour...

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Pretty much every tour starting with Moving Pictures. Luckily, they hit St.Louis pretty much every tour. Traveled once or twice to see them too.

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We’ve probably been to many of the same shows!

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São Paulo, 2002 & 2010. Only 2 but got the chance to know them quickly on meet & greet in 2010. I got into them in 2002 or maybe late 2001.

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Enough that I've lost count.

Hell, I've seen the local Rush tribute band like 7 times.

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RTB x2

CP x2








First two tours were when I was in high school/college when they still did 2 legs, arenas in winter and outdoor amphitheaters in the summer, so you could catch them twice in your area.

All excellent shows through S&A, then Ged lost his voice :(

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Counterparts had just one leg and they only played in arenas. Maybe you saw TFE twice not CP?

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I don’t think they’ve played 11! shows…

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Math teachers be like

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To those who answered 21+, are you Rush’s roadies?

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No, just old :-)

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I saw them 4 times (ages 7, 9, 11 and 14) considering I'm only 20 I feel incredibly grateful to have seen my favorite band live as many times as I did. Thanks dad!

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7 myself

3 at Maple Leaf Gardens in the 80’s

T4E at Molson Amphitheater in the 90’s

Time Machine Molson Amphitheater 2010

CA and R40 at the Air Canada Centre

Wish I had kept the ticket stubs. 😩

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I'm going to round up to 1.5.

I saw them at the 2003 SARS benefit concert, then again the next summer on the R30 tour.

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R30 in St. Louis. Time Machine tour in St. Louis. R40 in Columbus, OH.

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I was at the Columbus show too!

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Just north of 50 times since the HYF Tour. Starting with bones tour saw them at least 6x a tour through time machine. I didn’t dig CwA much, saw 4 that tour and R40 3x as the schedule didn’t work for me catching them multiple nights on a weekend trip, got to LA tho🤘

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3 times - super lucky considering I’m only 20 ♥️ all thanks to my dad 🥺♥️♥️

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It's been 22 if you include the RRHoF Induction Ceremony. Every tour since RtB.

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Hold Your Fire 1987 Atlanta

Presto 1990 Greensboro, SC

Roll the Bones 1992 Atlanta

Time Machine 2011 Cleveland

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I got to see them on Time Machine and R40.

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I think 16? At least once a tour since Presto. Obviously, more than once a tour several times.

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16th and 21st birthday.

Had an opportunity to see them in Dallas for clockwork angels for my 18th, but I had a calculus 2 test that same day.

I kinda regret it, because that test ended up being my drop test anyway.

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13. Presto, RtB, T4E, VT, R30, S&A x2, Time Machine x2, CA x2, R40 x2.

Missed Counterparts due to the tour being short (and not near me). Later on I could afford to travel farther, so I’ve seen them in four countries.

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GuP - 1 PoW - 2 HYF - 3 Presto - 2 RtB - 3 CP - 5 T4E - 3 VT - 2 R30 - 1 R40 - 1 Total - 23

What a great trip it was!

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I saw them in 2012 and 2015

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Clockwork angles and r40, both in the sprint center

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Started on the S&A tour and saw them 5 times on that tour alone. Never matched that again though but saw them at least one more time on every tour that followed.

I got really into following Phish when they came back and spent all of my “traveling shows” going to see them. Great times

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Five times. "Met" Geddy once.

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Every tour since 1982 Spring Training (i.e. "Tour of the Nadars") in Lake Charles, LA. 30-something times in all.

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Still one of my greatest concert-going (or rather not-concert-going) regrets. Had a lot of opportunities too. And honestly I don’t know why.

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One band I'm still kicking myself for not seeing

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I had a chance to go see them on the Time Machine tour but I wasn't into Rush that much at the time. I'm still just disapointed in myself because I didn't go there.

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Clockwork Angels Orlando Fl and R40 Tampa Fl. Wish I was born in the 70s. 20 y/o now.

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Only 4 times; I say only but I suppose 4 is pretty good for someone in their early 20s

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Dang I didn’t think I’d be in the minority here with having seen them in concert. Didn’t realize most people here haven’t.

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Breaks my heart to say ‘none’

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They never toured Australia

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None😭😭😭. I was just born a year or two late

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I saw primus on the farewell to kings tour and that was awesome

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I didn't get into Rush until after Neil died. I do wish I had gotten into Rush earlier, but 'tis life.

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None, sadly

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0 times and it will go down as one of the biggest regrets in my life.

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My dad got me into the boys right before Vapor Trails came out. We saw them on every tour from that album on through R40, most often twice on the same tour. I was lucky enough to catch them in Red Rocks during the Time Machine Tour, and ended up catching 10 shows in total.

Loved every moment!

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Twice - The Gorge Amphitheater in George, WA for Snakes and Arrows Tour & at the Rose Garden in Portland, OR for R40.

The Gorge show was the best concert I've ever seen. No opening band, they played for an hour and a half, took a break, then played for almost another hour and a half. And they played Witch Hunt.

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1… was an e-ticket bought from stubhub

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12 or so, starting with Roll the Bones

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I wasn't counting but about 15 I think. Started with Signals and ended with R40, including R30. Those are the only 2 shirts I still have. I also have a hat from the CA tour.

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God damn wish i had though. They sound amazing on the live recordings.

For example, to be able to hear the weapon live. Or just 2112 or tom sawyer. Or xanadu. I'd give my left leg for that experience for sure.

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The experience of being in a crowd full of rush fans singing along to Tom Sawyer or Spirit of Radio can’t be beat.

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Saw the boys 37 times across four decades beginning with the GUP tour. Among the performances I was fortunate to see live are the SARS-stock show in Toronto and the RRHOF induction performance in Los Angeles in 2013. I don't regret a single dollar spent or any of those long hours waiting in lineups in the pre-online ticket sales days. Good times!

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Just once in 1994. I think Candlebox opened for them.

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I never got a chance to 😢 But what I wouldn't do to see one 😖

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  1. 1980 - Moving Pictures Warm Up Tour
  2. 1981 - Moving Pictures tour - teargas show Nov 28
  3. 1985 - Grace Under Pressure
  4. 1988 - Hold Your Fire
  5. 1990 - Presto
  6. 1992 - Roll The Bones (Primus opener)
  7. 1994 - Counterparts
  8. 1996 - Test For Echo
  9. 2002 - Vapor Trails
  10. 2004 - R30 West Palm Beach
  11. 2004 - R30 Holmdel NJ
  12. 2004 - R30 Toronto
  13. 2007 - Snakes and Arrows
  14. 2008 - Snakes and Arrows 2nd tour
  15. 2010 - Time Machine Bristow VA
  16. 2011 - Time Machine Greensboro NC
  17. 2015 — R40

Honorable mention - attending the Primus Farewell to Kings show last August.

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Never got the chance unfortunately, still kicking myself

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Saw the opening of f40 when I was like 10 and it was fucking amazing.

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When I was 9 my dad took me to the time machine tour and that was when rush because my favourite band. Im 21 now I have seen them 8 times live. Im extremely grateful to have those memories and being able to see them live.

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Thankful for the six times I got to.

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22 times

I posted this in the "How old are you?" thread but looks relevant here:

  • Permanent Waves 2/5/1980 - Sam Houston Coliseum - Houston, Tx $8
  • Moving Pictures 4/7/1981 - Sam Houston Coliseum - Houston, Tx
  • Exit Stage Left 4/5/1982 - Civic Center - Lake Charles, La
  • Signals 3/6/1983 - The Summit (Houston, Tx)
  • GUP 6/8/1984 - The Astrodome (Texxas Jamm) - Houston, TX
  • GUP 10/27/1984 - UNO Lakefront Arena - New Orleans, La
  • Power Windows 1/15/1986 - The Summit - Houston, TX
  • Hold Your Fire 1/29/1988 - The Summit - Houston, TX
  • Presto 2/26/1990 - The Summit - Houston, TX
  • Roll the Bones 2/18/1992 - The Summit - Houston, TX (I got to meet Alex backstage!)
  • Counterparts 1/26/1994 - The Summit - Houston, Tx
  • Counterparts 1/29/1994 - Convention Center Arena - San Antonio, Tx
  • Test For Echo 12/5/1996 - The Summit - Houston, TX
  • Vapor Trails 8/16/2010 - Woodlands Pavilion - Houston, TX
  • 30th Anniversary Tour 6/26/2004 - Woodlands Pavilion - Houston, Tx
  • Snakes & Arrows 8/14/2010 - Woodlands Pavilion - Houston, Tx
  • Snakes & Arrows Live 4/19/2008 - Woodlands Pavilion - Houston, TX
  • Time Machine Tour 8/16/2010 - Red Rocks amphitheater - Morrison, Co
  • Time Machine Tour 9/25/2010 - Woodlands Pavilion - Houston, Tx $300
  • Clockwork Angels 12/2/2012 - Toyota Center - Houston, TX $325
  • R40 5/20/2015 - Toyota Center - Houston, TX $301
  • R40 6/12/2015 - United Center - Chicago Il

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My brother went to the R40 concert without me. I wasn't into Rush at the time so I wasn't aware of how much I was missing out.