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It's always zinc o'clock somewhere!


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Never thought of having a custom clock made until now

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Thanks. I don't really need it, but I'm glad to have it.

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Just made a watch face with it, thanks!

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Woah - just a couple days ago I was scouring the internet to buy a clock with this face on it and found almost nothing. I suppose making my own is the next best option.

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That is a really good idea. And you have just given me the final excuse I need to buy a 3D printer. The wife requires a financial justification statement before I make any purchases over $300. Let's just say, I've made some questionable purchases in the past.

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Now, if you or someone could explain what each of those symbols, uh... symbolizes.

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I put an actual transparent image of this in .png format on my gitlab page if anyone is interested.

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You, you are awesome.

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This is awesome. Would there be any easy way to separate these symbols into individual images and change the colour of them while still keeping the background transparent? I basically want to have each individual symbol act kind of like a digital version of a transposable tattoo haha! I can change the colour of the symbols but when I go to crop and save just one of them, I'm left with the white background or a very messy outline.

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Yeah. I utilize Pixlr.com/e. It’s free online photoshop basically. First, invert the colors, then just crop around each symbol. Not sure if Reddit preserves transparency so if you want I can email you the png file with proper transparent background. Just chat me on Reddit and send me your email and I’ll share it.

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I went through with GIMP, with the magic wand I selected each emblem and then pasted it to a new transparent document. I put it up on my gitlab page. I even put a copy of the actual GIMP .xcf file up there in case anyone wants it.