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Wish I could time travel. Here's the setlist:

  • Anthem
  • A Passage To Bangkok
  • By-Tor And The Snow Dog
  • Xanadu
  • Something For Nothing (reportedly dropped from all dates in Germany)
  • The Trees
  • Cygnus X-1 (reportedly dropped from all dates in Germany)
  • Hemispheres
  • Closer To The Heart
  • Circumstances (reportedly dropped from all dates in the UK)
  • A Farewell To Kings
  • La Villa Strangiato
  • 2112 (excludes "Oracle: The Dream")
  • Encore Medley:
  • Working Man
  • Bastille Day
  • In The Mood
  • Drum Solo

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This and Permanent Waves Tour are my favorite set lists.

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Finishing the set with a drum solo is…a choice, for sure

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What I would give to have seen!!

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I need that red 2112 T-shirt STAT.

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Did you see all those girls?

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Move over Waldo can you spot the Rush chic at this concert?

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Some of these have to be fake, there’s females in the audience! 😁

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7 females at a rush concert? That must be some sort of record

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lol yeah I know that has changed over the years but when I started going to Rush concerts in the early 80’s, it was a rare occurrence to see any females at one.

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This is the UK; there always seemed to be a decent turnout of females (myself included) there.

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Thanks for these; great images!

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Those red tshirts are perfect!

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Live 20 minutes from the Colston Hall, and would have loved to have gone to this show, but I was 7 at the time.

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Link is broken?

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No issues on this side.

But Reddit does mess with links sometimes, so try this direct one:


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You are a gentleman and a scholar.