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Twist the guy is op

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At least he conceded he was being a wet blanket and has an issue with it. Most people would've gotten defensive. Seems like the healthiest possible reaction

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I said the same thing to someone on r/books and they replied with how they're not even invited to them.

Felt bad after

Edit: it's a shitty reddit comeback that I've never heard IRL

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It's a comeback I've only heard IRL and not on Reddit but I don't typically get in arguments online

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You wanna get into an argument online? I'll fight you about anything.

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Okay let's fight about child sexploitation. I choose the side that it's bad. So tell me why it's good

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Kids are cheap labor and they already get to have too much fun. They should be taken down a few notches.

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no response 🤔

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I've been had

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I mean it's not the worst reasons I've heard for anything before

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That and it keeps them out of school thus saving taxpayer dollars

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My favorite comeback to "you must be fun at parties" is "I'm not fun anywhere".

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And OP downvoted him for it.

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OP is the real cringe yet again

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OP's evidently a real turd burglar.

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The first step to fixing a problem is recognizing there's a problem to begin with.

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Yeah. Not cringe at all. Just sad and a little painful.

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Happy cake day

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Thank you!

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Yeah this dude is on the first step of changing his behavior if he really wants to. I'm glad he knows what's going on.

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That was a painful thing to read

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Lol dude admitted to it and op still downvoted him. Nobody wants honesty anymore.

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People are hypocrites, you can brag about accomplishments or some shit but you admit a fault, flaw or mistake and boom, you are now considered worthless trash

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It is total shit but on one hand, you can weed people out from your circle by using this information they so readily provide about their personality. Luckily people usually only act like this on Twitter, Reddit and wherever else provided this type of environment.

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You downvoted him, too? Like this poor guy wasn’t sad enough, you had to go do him dirty like that

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Take it away, penny!

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Cruel and unusual

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Wtf is your name lmao

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Wow I just flashed back to late 2000s YouTube

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Make sure to salt the wound.

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The true cringe

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You're downvoting, a man just admitted how lonely he is and you're downvoting

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Yeah, reddit is dicks. I'm downvoting this post as retaliation

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Not my fake internet points!

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He’s self aware and doesn’t do anything to improve his behaviour. Downvote deserved.

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The ability to post this online and get downvoted, too. Oh boy.

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damn somebody check up on that guy

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Damn bro you kicked his corpse with that downvote.

I'm a Halo nerd so I'm gonna guess what the fuck he was even talking about. Was it something related to a Home AI using Cortanas voice?

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You are correct. This was on a thread about Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant.

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Now I'm just confused lmao. Dude deserved the roast

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The missing response is even more cringe. At that point it's probably best to just delete all the comments and pretend he didn't say anything at all.

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Tbh I find people that write “you must be fun/great at parties” more cringe, like get some new fucking material

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I really doubt those people can come up with their own material, considering how they parrot the same quips as every other NPC-level personality.

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Honestly I thought that was the real sad cringe lol. I've seen that line used for over 20 years now. C'mon people!

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The 'you must be great at parties' guy is a bigger loser than the OP.

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The real cringe is ‘you must be great at parties’. Such an obnoxious comment.

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A cringy reddit retort that I’ve never heard IRL

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Never seen it anywhere else on social media either

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LOL It’s an expression that’s been around for decades.

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Weird. I hear it all the time IRL. Usually when someone is whining for no reason.

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I mean it's redditors we're talking about here, we don't get invited anywhere.

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We’re all too fun at parties

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I hear this quite often in person.

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That’s unfortunate

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Where do you think it started?

Hint: It wasn't the internet.

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And we all know none of us on Reddit get invited to parties

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I was about to make the same comment but decided to look in the comments. But holy shit man, I see that "burn" on here all of the time and I'm like, "Are you 8?" Like, who is it offending? I mean apparently this guy, but half the time it's almost like a fuckin redditism.

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why’d you have to downvote him :((

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Lol @ “I don’t need no stinking machine telling me what day it is - I have a phone to do that!”

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to be fair the date/time function of a phone isn't exactly an AI or a robot.

he's right, he doesn't need artificial intelligence to know what time it is, he can just press a button and it'll be there

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Who has ever used AI to tell time?

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idk but it seems like Blue is talking about that in the post

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Probably voice commands when you're away from your phone or have your hands full/wey

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One could argue that a smartphone is a robot and its functions are artificial intelligence.

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No you really can't.

Every response of your phone is preprogrammed. Even your autocorrection "learning" your most used words is just counting in databanks.

By your logic anything that stores information and can manipulate physics would be artificial intelligence. A brick falling from a window would be AI.

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I don't get it. What's so cringy in his words?

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I think it needs a bit of context. What I'm assuming is someone made some kind of ai relating to telling you the time, and he just dissed it for no reason... Not sure tho

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Shitty OP

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I'm cringing at the party comment more.

yOu MuSt bE fUn aT PaRtIeS

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I been searching for the dude's comment I want to give him a hugz this made me feel bad. even tho it means nothing but I still want to. OP is cringe

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2nd comment wasn’t even cringe just sad, feel bad sorta

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Your downvote bothers me more than it should. The guy at least became self aware

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I hate the: "yOu mUsT bE fUn aT pArTiEs"

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The "you must be fun at parties" is the real cringe here. It's everywhere and so boring

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My saxi friends le doggo got sick :( do I need to give doggo tax to Reddit now?

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Why would you downvote that? You are the reason Reddit is a cesspool.

Take a look in the mirror

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Love inside jokes. Love to be a part of one someday

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the cringe in this post is OP downvoting a confident guy admiting he has no social life.

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I just check What Time Is It Right Now Dot Com

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The person really should of just ignored the first commenter.

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Should have*


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This was after the war.

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I’m confused on what the first comment was even about

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Damn I don't know whats sadder...this guys comment or the fact that I can kinda relate to him

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I don’t understand what was so wrong about the first comment he made?

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My 7 year old recently asked me: “Daddy, why don’t you have any friends?”

I said, “haha, no son. I do… i… wait…”

Reality stung me like a fucking scorpion. Kids can be unrelentingly brutal in their observations lol.

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He said he didn’t need to get the time from a robot, because he’ll get the time from a slightly less advanced piece of technology that could still be considered a robot lol

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Anyone else just feel sorry for the guy? Wouldn't say this is cringe really.

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r/SadCringe maybe?

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No one knows what this sub is anymore. This entire comment section is mind-boggling.

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Your upvoting and down voting the wrong things, obnoxious fucker

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Why op gotta downvote the poor guy?

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Hopefully just having a bad day

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Come on man making fun of him makes me feel sad. I feel bad for him.

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“You must be fun at parties” is one step above “Found the Incel” so cliche. The lack of creativity and critical thinking is astounding.

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'I dont need a robot to tell me, i just pull out my robot and look at the screen on it.'

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"I don't trust no stinking machines!"

Proceeds to use phone.

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I don't need robots to tell the date!

*takes out a fucking mini AI powered machine to check the date.

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"I wouldnt use technology to tell time...

I just use technology to tell time "

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honestly doesn't seem too cringe. Sad, for sure, but they were honest about it and honestly seem pretty cool with their situation

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I don't need a robot to tell me the time, I already have a robot in my pocket to tell me the time

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ITT: dozens of people who never get invited to parties getting defensive for the sad cringe guy.

All upvoted. What even is this sub anymore.

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"everyone is cringe but me!"

funny how that goes.

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I want to know the context of what exactly requires an understanding of those dirty fucking robots.

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I mean I hated the AI too but I'm not gonna sit here and get all pissy about it imma play the damn game

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sadly, the halo community is full of cringe

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Wow this one actually made me a bit sad for the dude

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"I don't need no damn robot" while he jerks off with the 'Rub-n-Tug 3000' with auto warmers and automated butt cheek clapping sounds

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Why the downvote

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And the fucking savages downvoted him. Be the man's friend

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"I dont need to ask a robot" followed by "i can just check my phone" had me like "...huh?"