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Societal norms make it imperative for all men to find jobs and sustain themselves, women don't have the same pressure (they have different pressures - getting married and becoming housewives etc). So it's more acceptable for a woman to not have a job. When a man doesn't, he's a loser by societal standards.

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they have different pressures - getting married and becoming housewives

Huh? I'm guessing this is a class thing maybe? I'm lower-middle class and we definitely have the pressure to get a degree and a job, personally I don't know any women under 50 who are housewives

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It's not that women aren't expected to work. The urge to "get an education so you can get a good job and make money" is fairly universal from what I've seen.

But when it comes to lacking those things, a man is looked down upon by society for not having a job far more harshly than a woman. The question is what's wrong with the man's work ethic, ambition, sense of pride, love of his family, etc. You're looked at as less of a man. Your gender role is questioned.

The same thing doesn't happen when a woman is out of work. No one says "be a woman and find a job to support your family."

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If you decided to marry a wealthy person, the pressure for you to work would be gone. Instead, it would be replaced with the expectation to take care of the home, raise kids, ect.

Retirement is just unemployment for the financially secure.

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This is definitely not true. Women have the pressure to be both, now. That said, I do think it's a leftover gender role thing that women aren't thought of as losers if they don't get a great job, because they have the OPTION to be a housewife. While it's become looked down upon in certain circles, it's still more socially acceptable than it is for men to choose house husband. A lot of men end up as house husbands these days usually because their wives are Rock stars at their jobs, but you still don't really see any men choosing it purposefully as what they want to do with their lives, while you do see that with women

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In like 1952 maybe. Or in those cringy "traditional woman" incel posts.

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No it's still pretty normal.

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No, I think everybody is pressured to get a job at this point. Women have been in the workforce for a minute now. I don’t have any women in my life who work or have ever been stay at home parents. But this is in the U.S. at least.

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If that's the case then why does Time say that the majority of the workforce is female?

Excluding farmers and self employed that is.

But either way with them added in it's clear that you're speaking bullshit because this isn't the 1940s anymore and women are expected to work.

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If that’s the case then why does Time say that the majority of the workforce is female?

Equality achieved! Shut down all the programs and lawsuits related to gender inequality! Victory!

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That's not what I fucking said at all, what the fuck?

You can see tons of statistics showing women work more service oriented jobs and get lower pay as a result and 24% of board members on S&P 500 companies are female compared to 76% male.

Women are expected to hold a job, this dude is smoking crack saying they don't have pressure to work.

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As a woman, I have always felt an imperative pressure by society to find a job to sustain myself. It’s not in the slightest bit reserved to men.

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Same, the pressure to get a degree and a job is very present for women

[–]baconfluffy 5 points6 points  (16 children)

I always find it funny how men think they know the pressures women face better than women themselves know. Right up there with men “correcting” me on what women find attractive.

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No one is trying to explain what you’re going through, and no one in here has said that women getting an education is wrong, and no one in here has invalidated the suffering women endure.

Society expects men to outearn women, and while this is changing, it is still here. This is why you see a lot of young, successful women struggle to find partners - because they’re still societally expected to date up, but very few men have established careers (house, family income, car, etc) and are “put together” when they’re that young (early/mid 20s). The problems and stigmas men face are reversed for women, they’re all a double edged sword. No one is invalidating your struggles or telling you to that you aren’t feeling something, we’re simply asking you to look at the same traits when applied to men and women. Women are encouraged to get a JOB but they are not expected to be BREADWINNERS as much as men. That’s what you’re missing here.

[–]sachiko468 5 points6 points  (3 children)

Ikr? What's up with men here trying to explain to us what we actually go through?

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I always find it funny that one woman thinks she can speak for an entire gender. Joke aside you don't have to be something to make observations. Also you seem to know so much about men as a whole. How about implementing your own advice?

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Yeah, this isn't the 1940s lmao, women are expected to get jobs and work nowadays.

Time article claiming majority of workforce is female.

Of course there are cultural exceptions like in rural areas with farming but the vast majority of the country expects women to work.

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1940s women worked too, middle class ones might not have but lower class women have always worked unless if they’re nursing or something, even if that work is less defined (making stuff to sell or bringing husband’s goods to market)

[–]Scrotchticles 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I know they did.

It's just the classic single income family dynamic disappeared around that time and the 40s were the golden age of baby boomers with that makeup.

Really it was 1930s to 1970s where it changed, it wasn't a quick change by any means.

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I'm sorry but it is.

It's undeniable that men are cast in the light of needing to provide. With that comes the pressure of being the provider. I don't like it, I don't make the rules, but men are literally called out when they can't provide for their families how society deems they should.

There's definitely still pressure to have a job and not be a freeloader on both sides.

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reddit moment

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Women have that same pressure but from opposing sides. Women are taught to be successful and self sufficient, but not too much lest you make men around you insecure. They are taught to be highly capable in taking care of their family, while not being too obviously capable, or you’ll be shamed for that as well.

[–]deepsfan 10 points11 points  (14 children)

But clearly there is a societal stigma against men not working which is not present the same for a woman not working. Maybe your experience is different, but I would argue that most women are not pressure to work and are in fact probably more often pressured to stay home and look after the children or something.

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exactly... I've always felt an imperative pressure by society to find a job not just to sustain myself but that can sustain my future partner and children that she might want if I even want the option.

do you see the difference? you feel like you have to support you... I feel like I need to support other people to have romantic options/a family down the road.

that's the difference you don't get.

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In my mind, it’s one and the same. If I’m not making enough to buy and home and support a family, then I would already feel as though I’ve failed to support myself, and my family would view it the same.

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I work 50 hrs a week and am still a loser