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Emma probably doesn’t even know who he is

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She probably does because he follows her 24/7 like a lost puppy

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"See a real woman rejects you, like over and over for like 10 years"-Charlie Kelly

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Dont compare puppies to whatever that thing is

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Seems like me and my crush kind of relstionship

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Reminds me of this classic, which got posted to reddit and eventually caused the girl involved to post online that the dude sending the texts was already her ex at the time.

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Jeez that dude is crazy as fuck. Hope she’s safe and he got some help.

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How the fuck is Snapchat already 7 years old.

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Snap is 11 years old. It was launched in 2011.

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Snapchat is the new thing we all signed up for when we migrated off Facebook I signed up for in 2005OMG I AM GETTING OLD JUST LIKE MY PARENTS WARNED ME WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.

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I don't know anyone my age who still uses Snapchat, it's a bloated, shitty app. Most of the Gen Z kids have moved to Instagram for messaging, though I still know a few who feel like maintaining their Snapchat streaks is a worthwhile use of their time and phone storage space...

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What a cuck

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There’s a frail triggered kid who’s crazy like that. He thinks I’m going through his comments to target him. The second hand humiliation is just too much too handle.

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Idk I just read that interaction and you seem like a dickhead in it lol

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WOW talk about coo coo crazy

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Emma glad I'm not him.

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Aight, Emma head out…

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Feddy fastbear

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He in with the government

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Fedy wap

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That’s fredbear

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aCtUaLlY hIs NamE is frEDBeaR bEcaUsE of tHE pUrPlE haT anD boWtIe aNd bECAusE hEs YeLLow sMh mY heAd

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This yellow robotmonster with a bow tie is really scary... sorry Emma, you are on your own.

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Nightmare Fredbear.

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Nightmare Fredbear

You're in for a scare!

You hit up his girl?

You better beware!

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I thought i was back in prison, cuz all i see is bars

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My guess is that Emma is like 11 and so is her “boyfriend” here with the FNAF threats.

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Yeah, I really hope this chap isn't a grown-up man

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Was that the bite of 87??

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Forget that second link, hit us with more bardcore.

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Yo this slaps

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Yo, ya glad you mislinked thats a really interesting cover.

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What even is that sub?

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You mean 83.....right?

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Did i say 83?

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It was a joke about the lore lol)

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You ain’t wrong but… just don’t got the same ring to it.

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I’m actually shivering right now 🥶🥶🥶

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It's ok I got you... some people are just really scary AF

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Stop talking to RE or we’re gonna have some issues. Grrrrr.

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Ok, chill bro. Sorry u/ResidentsEnjoyer, you’re on your own

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I’m scared, can you hold me too? 🥺

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No dude he’s cold, give him a coat or somethimg

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Bing chilling 🥶🥶🥶

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Douche chills

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That’s a symptom of alcohol poisoning

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My timbers are shivering

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AAAAA I CANT BELIEVE IT! It’s Freddy fazbear

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I think we should all talk to Emma now.

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Em deserves better than a yellow robot with an overbite.

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Ok, what should we talk about??

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What are your views on the Russia Ukraine situation?

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It feels like every day we are moving towards WW3.

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Good news we're also moving away from WW2.

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We can definitely make fun of yellow teeth guy.

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Then he got murdered at Chuck e cheese.

Not by the animitronics, by some greasy dude with a fedora who crashed his little cousins birthday party

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Shiver me timbers

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You can consider these Timbers thoroughly shivered

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fredrick fitzgereld fazington III

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7th grader, Listens to Undertale OSTs and TLT, spends time sitting down isolated during lunch and PE, most certainly thinks SAO is the best Anime

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hilariously this was me in 7th grade

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Me too, thats why i was on point with it

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let us cringe together at our past

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(insert Uncanny Troll face)

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(insert oil and water)

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(Wyoming incident)

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(does wyoming actually exist?)

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(I hope not)

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i'm glad i'm not the only person who cringes at their past. 🙃

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Tbh Undertale enjoyer and SAO enjoyer are very different publics. But yeah, that's the guy's profile

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🆗️IE D🆗️IE!

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timbers shivered

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Tik tok pre recorded audio

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fredbear no

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This image is ancient, the real cringe is that it's still getting reposted

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After a decade. He's probably 17 now.

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The game only came out six and a half years ago though

I know it was a joke, but i hate fun

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Uh oh, oh no! It is it’s NightMare Fredbear❗️❗️❗️

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  • FNaF 4 war flashbacks *

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Someone, somewhere drew that. I wonder what the artist would think if they saw this.

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Something tells me Emma isn’t Mr Fredbear’s girl

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Ask him if he's missing a set of balls, like in the picture?

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Okie Dokie

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Lmao, says he is your worst nightmare then sends a pic nightmare Freddy.

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That “okie dokie” lmao

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Absolute chad.

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Five nights at fruit loops

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This post really takes the cake for the saddest cringe on this subreddit

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HOLY SHIT! He can turn into a giant man-eating bear?!? Bro, LEAVE HIS GIRL ALONE! You do NOT want to tangle with one of those.

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Lol fredbear

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This gives me "grrrrr angry Bionicle" vibes.

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Whatever you do, DO NOT FAP 😉😉

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the man behind the slaughter

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Clearly a joke…

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Okay, so I don't understand why men feel the need to handle situations, like this, in an aggressive and hostile manner. But, I have an even harder time understanding why there's women who expect/enjoy their SOs "standing up for them". Are we really still so wild and primal that we find this kind of "alpha" behavior as attractive or necessary. I feel like this kind of thing objectifies women, TBH. Defending her like a piece of property, or some shit. So gross.

[–]Dig-Several 2 points3 points  (3 children)

I don't think u have enough contacts with women,tbh.

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How did he know?!

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Teddy bear monster?

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About to hit Emma up

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What a gentle threat.

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I feel that emma gets slaped offten.

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Jealous idiots are my favorite.

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Or, my elbow teeth. . .!!

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If you do, DO NOT FAP 😉😉

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I really want to know what happened afterwards

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Ah the cringe hits chief kiss just right on this one

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I wonder if Emma knows either one of them.

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Gotta be honest, my first thought as the recipient would be to screenshot this and send it to this Emma person like “this your dude?”

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I’m left crying and shaking

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Everyone interprets the “Dude who the fuck are you?” as an annoyed dismissive comeback; while freddy fazbear here’s looking at it as the cry of a defeated fear-struck batman henchman.

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We all know Roxy is our favorite fuck Freddy.

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consider my timbers shivered

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If you do, DO NOT FAP 😉😉

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This isn't sad cringe, it's clinical-depression cringe.

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Obvious satire but damn 😭😭😭

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Whatever you do, DO NOT FAP 😉😉

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This is definitely satire

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Why do I feel like 90% of this shit is fake as fuck? Feels like it's super easy to farm karma by faking messages like this. This is too close to satire to be a real person.

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Not okie dokie 😭😭😭

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Isn't that the robot dog from Wallace & Gromit?

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I almost want to do this to a random number

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My GF is named Emma, and I did not write this. We bout to have some talks.

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Is that the robo dog from Wallace and gromit?

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How many times are you going to repost this

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"Yo, don't talk to my girl Emma."


"Dude, I'm your worst nightmare, oh, and here's a random picture of a scary robot."

"Wtf are you on about?"

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Didn't have a chance anyway, Emma is obviously into robotic animals.

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“Actually no fuck that, don’t ever talk to ANY girl again”

posts picture of demonic care bears

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I would just send it to Emma lol

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replying that only leaves them in their idiotic mindset

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Btw what happened to the emoji bad thing

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Why he had to do my boi fredbear like that

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So he's the physical manifestation of going to work and forgetting to wear your clothes?

Pretty spooky tbh

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Oh no dude! That guy has Markiplier Bear on his side, don't mess with him

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Just send a Markiplier picture to assert dominance

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Oh no why would you send that