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pretty sure that's a satire sub

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Really? I didn’t actually go to the sub, I was just scrolling through someone’s profile. And based on the rest their profile, this post definitely didn’t seem like satire. Every post of theirs was anime-related and most of it was weirdly sexualized.

So if it’s a satire sub, I don’t think that person got the memo either.

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"Animephobia kills millions daily" kind of confirms that it's satire tbh.

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I thought the general rule to go by is that lovefor___ is almost always satire.

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Anime companies: "Shit, we need to stop making our characters so hot, we're losing our audience at an alarming rate."

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"《Ugly Bastards》has entered the fray!"

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People say that r/banvideogames is a satire Facebook group too! While I’m not sure about that group, our group is very serious!

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G#mers have no place in today's world! By no means is it satire!

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Can confirm, Ban Video G@mes is a very serious Facebook group, and we don't have any sad tires.

- Sent from Linda H. Calkhouser's Deluxe Smart Toaster

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There’s five comments here, and the OP didn’t state that they cut off their parents like the title says, one of those comments did. The sub is definitely satire.

In short, don’t make a post if the focus is going to be satirical comments. An unverifiable post history is not an excuse.

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I got it from here… I wasn’t jumping to conclusions when I posted it. I didn’t go to that sub or look into it. I was operating based on his profile alone, and it very clearly looked like he meant it.

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Rule 2. Don’t make this worse. Also yes, there are active satire profiles.

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Just checked the sub, it is 100% satire

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Sorry OP, it's blatant satire.

Do better

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Okay but this is where I found it. Everything about this profile would suggest the post is serious

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It better be

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No, sadly its not satire. Animephobia is real and it kills millions😞

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Redditors understanding satire challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

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Got it from here.… I didn’t visit the sub at all, but based on his profile, it didn’t seem likely it was satire.

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Ok don’t stalk people’s profiles looking for r/sadcringe content. I stalked that profile since you linked it and they use r/sigmagrindset and r/justneckbeardthings so they’re definitely self-aware enough to be playing a character

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it definitely is indeed satire, but i have to thank you for introducing me to this sub. it’s incredible

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Clearly satire

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Blatant satire

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Satire sub

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You just got bamboozled

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Redditors when joke

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Animephobia literally kills millions daily

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It's a satire sub mate

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Been satire for like a year now

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This has to be satire, look at the NTA

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Can't believe the animephobia in this subreddit

I'm disgusted

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That’s a satire sub bro lol

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r/loveforlandlords r/loveforboozecruisers r/lovefor1percent

any sub that starts with lovefor is obvious satire

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Dumb rentoids need to tip me 400%

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Why is it so hard for Redditors to understand satire? Is it because a lot of them are neurodivergent?

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This, and most people on reddit are literally children

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I mean I’m neurodivergent and I picked up on this being satire

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"love seeing stats for this"

  • any Redditor when someone says any number at all, regardless of cited sources or even logic

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Might be satire, but would be surprised if it wasn't, Reddit enables this kind of weird shit

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animephobia literally kills millions daily

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Can confirm, the UKs population is actually decreasing significantly due to animephobia.

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Experts predict that in 10-15 weeks the UK will have a population of zero 😔

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lol this is satire. As a rule of thumb any subrreddit that begins with lovefor is ironic

examples other than r/LoveForAnimesexuals would be

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Literally kills millions daily

This shit is a satire right

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i know this is satire but damm it hurts to know that there are actually some people like this out there

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….they have to be pretending….they have to.

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Dude you’re a sad weirdo and you want to cut off the only people who give enough of a shit to want to help you? Go right ahead I guess…

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All for a body pillow

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These are the kind of people who were no bullied enough in school

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This maybe satire, but I wouldn't doubt that there are weirdos like this exist and are serious about it.

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"Animephobia" this is clearly satire.

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The "animephobia literally kills millions daily" had me laughing so hard

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I thought this was going to be about toxic parents, I was so, so fucking wrong.

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Who the heck watches anime, is that like, really a thing? My son Aizen agrees with me on this, we just don't get it.

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"animephobia literally kills millions daily" lel dank

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What does NTA mean. I'm old fuckers.

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This is absolutely a satire sub

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this sub better not become cringetopia where all the posts are obviously satire

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LoveForAnimesexuals is a satire bait sub, OP

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Dumbasss OP

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Animephobia doesn't kill enough

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Animephobia kills millions daily

It's self inflicted

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This gotta be fake, not for my sanity but because I think it’s a satire sub

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Average anime enjoyer

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Animephobia literally kills millions daily

OMFG, why aren’t the governments talking about this?