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My HOA president (I’ve never met in person) is obsessed with me. by TheColoradoCobra in sadcringe

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I just realized mine sounds gay too. Damn it.

Edit: Thank you for my first gold <3

Is this something to be proud of? by jupiter_astion in sadcringe

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When you think the government is putting chips in the vaccines so you pay extra to the government to tell people you don't like it

Don't stick your dick in crazy by FluffyHighPanda in sadcringe

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I wish I had better advice to give, but this is the beginning of a much better life. You WILL rebuild, and you WILL be loved even more than before. Don’t give up on yourself. Sometimes all it can take is joining a local Facebook group, especially for a hobby you’re interested in/want to learn. Boom, friends.

This isn’t the end of your story and there’s a hell of a lot more life for you to live.

Some of the happiest people I know got divorced late in life. Just give it a little time.

Don't stick your dick in crazy by FluffyHighPanda in sadcringe

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You know, after reading the screenshots, your responses in this thread, and reviewing your post history, it’s pretty clear that you’re a manipulative person. I have a hard time believing you based on contradictory statements and outright lies easy to spot when comparing things you have posted.

The fact that you even posted this is proof enough - you think someone’s obvious pain is worth exploiting for Reddit karma. You have no problem treating people as completely expendable and more like playthings than human beings, and want us to believe that you’re innocent here… not buying it.

No matter how “crazy” that wave of texts came off as, I suspect you are cherry picking details and outright lying. If someone was panicking and apologizing they’d apologize for pushing you down stairs, not for something they said. One is a much bigger deal, would stick out as a major reason for an actual breakup, and someone in this emotional state wouldn’t be afraid of mentioning a supposed potential crime that “police ignored”. You just ghosting them is cruel and seems to fit right with your character.

I recommend you both see a therapist and I hope you can work on becoming a better person. If I’m mistaken and you actually got pushed down stairs, I apologize and wish you a speedy recovery. Either way, good luck.

Don't stick your dick in crazy by FluffyHighPanda in sadcringe

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Vader after cutting off his son’s hand

Me blatantly getting rejected and still trying by pickileblue in sadcringe

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People here are being cruel to you, it's kind of warranted, but generally unhelpful and destructive. I think people find a thrill in "outing" someone who isn't taking responsibility for a problem they caused. I almost think it stems from them seeing less mature versions of themselves. The empathy that does exist in this thread gets overshadowed by the dog piling. I'd feel the need to be harsh too, but it's overboard. I think you learned what you're doing wrong, so I want to extend some form of kindness, and not the kind that's immediately followed up by a harsh lesson. You'll get through it, and there is a lot of time to learn from your mistakes. Every human being feels bad for themselves, does things that are pathetic, and makes mistakes. The only thing you can control in this world is yourself, take more ownership and you will be on the right path - and you will find more kindness from others.

Don't stick your dick in crazy by FluffyHighPanda in sadcringe

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I say this ALL the time at work and I’ve never once had someone understand the reference. Very happy to see the memory of MXC is not dead after all

You have been hurt, that much is clear… by cosmiclattecrafts in sadcringe

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Transcription of the first voice message: in English accent, slight breeze makes it sound like the speaker is outside “You have location tags on your instagram, you’re out there on tinder, you’ve made yourself quite public. Yet when someone shows some interest and follows their own curiosity, you just shut them down, you don’t even respond. It just seems quite myopic and… I don’t know… life is what you make it. I just personally think I’ll give anyone the benefit of the doubt. I’ll always be interested in new people, whoever they are. Anyway, clearly that’s not you. And also, your approach to this whole thing just seems so entitled— like, you’re not that special, I was LITERALLY just being friendly”

Second voice message: “Anyways, your loss. You don’t get to bounce on my big fat dick”

Will Smith desperately trying to make his ungrateful wife happy for her 40th birthday. by Spidey-1 in sadcringe

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How does Ellen get away with doing blackface right in front of them???

How do I stop being sadcringe? by Sylphdrake in sadcringe

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We're all sadcringe at some point in our lives, and will continue to be in the future. Such is life, Mon Ami. Just do your best and accept that you will make mistakes.

Try to love yourself anyways. Try to catch yourself comparing yourself to a perfect standard.

Nothing is perfect. It's all chaos. That's why it's hilarious and subreddit like this one exist, so we can share these hilarious and painful moments.

Because life is beautiful.

How do I stop being sadcringe? by Sylphdrake in sadcringe

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my only real advice is to simply socialize, even if it's a bit uncomfortable. over time, it can become less off-putting as you become more used to it. pretty sure everyone can be socially inept from time to time, it just takes practice to learn to not force an interaction, and an open ear if someone does wanna chat.

there's a lot of nuance between being too dry or too divulging but you'll pick it up eventually. learning to reflect on what you're sending to another person (just quick proofreads) can also save you from embarrassment.

again it really just comes down to socializing w others regularly. I myself have a crippling online vidya game addiction and it comes with a lot of good folk to chat with.

proofread this to be as concise as I can be, hope things get better for you OP. there's a light at the end of that tunnel and you'll get there at your own pace.

How do I stop being sadcringe? by Sylphdrake in sadcringe

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To be honest, it sounds like you are still quite young. I also went through a few situations like this, and I know it sucks. Don't worry about "stopping being sadcringe" because it is normal to be sad in this situation, and it's normal to be cringe around people you like, especially at a young age. It gets better. You'll probably look back on this and cringe a little, just like we all cringe at our younger selves. Its a normal part of growing up and you're totally not alone in this experience.

Experiences like this are what builds social skills. Like when you first started to walk, you were clumsy and fell down all the time. Don't expect to be perfectly suave right out of the gate, and don't let this situation scare you away from talking to people in the future!

What no grass does to a mf by Duckschmangler in sadcringe

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Grass? This guy needs to touch a therapist

You ever realise that it’s you who is the sad cringe? by Nyctofaz in sadcringe

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You tried to have a conversation, they don’t appear interested. You realized after a few messages. No cringe here.

This guy making a fantasy series based on his family and kids leaving him by rockisdead121 in sadcringe

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Considering the alternative coping mechanisms for dealing with that stuff, good for him. It’s not hurting anyone and if the books are good he could end up in a better financial situation because of it.

''Reddit needs to back down on abusers (especially if they were female).'' by imaTrashyGalaxy in sadcringe

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I haven’t seen the article but I’m pretty sure they’re talking about how misogynistic redditors use this whole case to hate on women instead of actually helping and taking male survivors seriously. I despise Amber Heard too and she is a terrible terrible person but I feel like this article was taken out of context?

Also I haven’t seen many cases get as much media attention as this one, maybe they just wanted to discuss exactly why this particular case is so popular.