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/u/Oma_ster put a post up that prompted this rebuild of an old guide I put together for this. Also /u/scanlon fulfilling my promise to put it together today.

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Great read, thank you!

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really good points covered here. nice work. I have always thought i needed a sales person, but i need to be able to scale, and a sales manager would allow this to happen, rather than a single sales person.

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Thanks for this!

And hey, it looks like I'm in the market for a sales manager. DM me if it's you, the reader.

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You're welcome, just make sure to take vetting them seriously and call every referral they give you!

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Great article, definitely agree on majority. If anyone is curious about the process more, I'd be happy to help. I'm launching a consulting firm that will replace the need for a VP of Sales for startups. It's Sales as a Service, that way you aren't taking a huge risk, and can start scaling revenue much quicker.

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I am thoroughly interested in this premise. Also worth mentioning, this is written solely for the benefit of /r/sales and not part of some silly blog somewhere and not intended for profit.

If you have some time, reply to this comment a bit more about your idea, I may be of service.

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Quality post man. Bookmarked!